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Wisconsin Cancer Council News | Issue 109  | August 2018
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NEW: Liver Cancer Issue Brief
Understanding the data behind the rise in liver cancer

Liver cancer is on the rise, in Wisconsin and across the country. In fact, in Wisconsin the mortality rate for liver cancer is rising faster than for any other cancer.
A new issue brief from the WI Cancer Council explores the data behind this alarming trend, who in Wisconsin is most affected, and strategies that can make a difference.
The Increasing Burden of Liver Cancer in Wisconsin , by lead author Mary Foote of the Wisconsin Cancer Reporting System, brings much-needed attention to this important data. This brief can help public health practitioners better understand risk factors for patients, disparities among affected populations, and implications for treatment and prevention.
"So many risk factors for liver cancer can be prevented or modified," says Courtney Harris, WI Cancer Council policy coordinator. "When we look more closely at who is experiencing the burden of liver cancer and why, we realize so much more can be done to save lives."
>> What you can do
Read the Issue Brief and s hare it with colleagues.
A Cup of Cancer Prevention
The WI Cancer Council serves up drinks at Saturday Science

Courtney Harris and Michelle Moreau
More than 525 kids and parents milled about UW-Madison's Discovery Building last weekend, learning about the science behind healthy living during the monthly Saturday Science
There was the walk-through colon. There was the yoga demonstration. There was a "strawberry DNA" station, a virtual reality tasting station, and a healthy recipes station.
But one little boy, about 5 or 6 years old, couldn't get enough of the fruit-infused water. He came back for seconds. And then thirds. "This is the most delicious thing I ever tasted," he said.
WI Cancer Council staffers Courtney Harris and Michelle Moreau organized the station called "Fun (and Healthy!) Summer Drinks for All Ages!" They served two low-sugar, non-alcoholic drinks designed to replace high-fructose juices and sodas for kids, as well as sangria and other chilled cocktails for grown-ups.
While handing out more than 400 cups of Summer Berry Punch and Fruit-Infused Water, Courtney and Michelle explained how easy the drinks were to make (just a few minutes of prep!), why they were healthy (no sugar added!), and, in a message especially for parents, how nice it was to have an alternative to boozy summer drinks.
As kids came back for more, parents browsed the infographics on obesity and cancer and alcohol and cancer. A few people took infographics home with them.
>> What you can do
Summer isn't over yet. Try one of these at home:

Summer Berry Punch
(adapted from this recipe)

4 parts white grape juice ("no sugar added" variety)
1 part orange juice ("no sugar added" variety)
Your choice of berries (raspberries and blueberries are a nice combination)
Sliced limes
Mix juices, and then add fruit; let sit for at least an hour to allow time for flavors to blend. Serve chilled or over ice.
Fruit-Infused Water

Fruit - some of our favorite combinations:
            Strawberries, pineapple, and mint*
            Watermelon and basil
            Cantaloupe and blueberries
            Citrus fruits in any combination
Combine fruit and water; let sit for at least an hour to allow time to infuse. Serve chilled or over ice.

*the combo on display at Saturday Science
Farewell to Sarah Mroz
Off to new adventures -- in Belgium!

Sarah Mroz
After eight years with the WI Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, Sarah Mroz is moving on to a new adventure. In September Sarah will begin an international master's program in bioethics at the University of Leuven in Belgium, with plans to work on end-of-life issues.
During her tenure, Sarah served the Program in several capacities. She oversaw a statewide HPV vaccine environmental scan and worked with partners to organize HPV vaccine summits.
As the facilitator of the WI Breast Cancer Task Force, Sarah helped to grow the networking group to more than 50 organizations. And she led the Task Force's successful efforts to bring Sister Pact to southeast WI, working with local organizations to increase awareness about breast cancer screening.
"Sarah's 'inner advocate' consistently brought attention to areas of greatest need, and she worked hard to build innovative collaborations to address those needs," says Program Director Sarah Kerch. "We are thrilled that Sarah is taking her passion and skills to the high-need area of end-of-life care, when patients and families need to be advocated for the most."
Sarah Mroz is grateful to the WCCCP team, WI Breast Cancer Task Force members, and WI Cancer Council partners for their outstanding collaboration over the years!

Aug. 21 10-11 am 
Award Nominations: 
Last Chance!

The deadline to submit a nomination for the 2018 WI Cancer Council Awards is fast approaching.
We are accepting nominations in three categories:

The Collaboration Award  recognizes a group of two or more organizations that have demonstrated effective team work in advancing cancer control goals.

The   Champion Award  recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to cancer control outcomes - locally, regionally, and/or statewide.

The I mpact Award  recognizes an organization or project that has made a significant impact on decreasing the burden of cancer in Wisconsin - locally, regionally, and/or statewide.

Find details and nomination form
online . N ominations are due Aug. 31.

Biden Cancer 
Community Summit

The WI Cancer Council and member organizatio Gilda's Club of Madison are joining the Biden Cancer Initiative and hundreds of other communities to host a Biden Cancer Community Summit , Sept. 21, 2018.
Join us for a special celebration of cancer treatment innovation in WI, featuring Dr. Kenneth B. DeSantes, MD, Head, Division of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology, and Bone Marrow Transplant at the American Family Children's Hospital.
Sept. 21, 2018
12-2:30 p.m.
Free to the public 
Lunch provided

Registration is required:

Spread the word!

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