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Wisconsin Cancer Council News | Issue 114  | January 2019
Introducing the Alcohol & Cancer Slide Bank
A new tool for presenters: download, customize, educate

We're excited to share our latest member resource: the Alcohol and Cancer Slide Bank, designed to help you raise awareness about the alcohol-cancer connection when presenting to key stakeholders.
The science is clear: Alcohol use can cause at least seven different cancers. Sadly, awareness of this connection remains extremely low-only about 30 percent of Americans correctly identify alcohol use as a cancer risk factor.
Evidence shows that increasing awareness of the connection between alcohol use and cancer not only can encourage individual behavior change, but also can increase public support for policies and practices that prevent and reduce excessive drinking.
The Alcohol and Cancer Slide Bank can help WI Cancer Council members and partners educate the public, colleagues in health-related fields, and local leaders on this connection. The slides - which include related talking points -- can be downloaded for free and customized to fit your needs.
>> Bottom line:
The slide bank is the latest tool released in support of the WI Cancer Council's Alcohol Action Plan. We invite you to use these slides, along with our alcohol infographic and FAQ, to raise awareness of the alcohol-cancer connection in your community.
Infographics Now in Spanish
We've translated our most popular infographics, available now

Do you work with Spanish-speaking populations? Now you can use our four most-popular infographics, newly translated into Spanish:
We partnered with Covering Wisconsin to translate and test these materials with native Spanish speakers.  This is part of our ongoing effort to increase the accessibility of our materials. 

Would you like to see other resources translated into Spanish or another language?  Let us know -- we may pursue translating additional resources in the future.
NEW: Monthly Networking Webinar Series
Meet other members each month from the comfort of your desk

We're proud to announce a monthly networking webinar series from the WI Cancer Council. Now you can network with fellow members without leaving your desk!
Join us the second Thursday of every month from 10-11 am Central Time. Each month we'll have a topic and/or guest speaker. Connect with other members, learn about a new approach to cancer control, ask a burning question, and share your own unique point of view.
Think of this as a virtual coffee klatch - you supply the coffee, we'll spark the conversation.
Your first chance to join is is this Thursday, Jan. 10:  Are you interested in learning about an innovative way to overcome barriers when referring primary care patients to a specialty provider or clinic?  Greg Stadter, program director of the Specialty Access for the Uninsured Program (SAUP) in Milwaukee, will share how this program has removed barriers for un/underinsured patients who seek care for specialty services, including standard follow-up to preventative cancer screenings preformed in a community clinic or primary care setting. 

Greg is a passionate health care advocate who is excited to share how this program has been so successful. Learn how you can apply some these features in your own community.   Join us on Jan. 10  from 10-11 am to learn more!
Saying Farewell to Courtney Harris
Our policy coordinator moves on, but leaves a lasting impact

This month we say farewell to Policy Coordinator Courtney Harris, whose work has elevated the Council's alcohol awareness efforts, expanded our social media presence, and deepened relationships with members across the state. Courtney will be joining Deloitte Consulting as a project delivery senior analyst, serving the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Division of Medicaid Services eHealth Program.
"We are incredibly grateful for Courtney's tremendous contributions in the nearly three years she has served on our team," said Program Director Sarah Kerch. "She has helped us expand and strengthen the Council's policy efforts far beyond expectations. We will miss her dearly!"
Since joining our team in June 2016, Courtney has helped to launch the WI Cancer Council's Alcohol Action Plan; overseen the development of resources such as the quarterly Policy Roundup; worked with partners to publish several issue briefs on important topics related to cancer control; and helped the Council enter the Twitter-sphere with our active and increasingly popular Twitter feed. Importantly, Courtney has staffed the Council's Policy Committee and worked closely with members all over the state to develop and implement the Council's Policy Agenda.
"Working here has allowed me to grow in so many ways," Courtney said. "I've gained a broader and deeper understanding of public health practice, and formed relationships with people across the state. I'll miss working with all of our members, especially my friends on the Policy Committee, and with our fantastic team."
Courtney's last day at the WI CCC Program is Friday, Jan. 11. If you'd like to wish her well, she can be reached at
HPV: Sharing the Facts
In honor of  Cervical Cancer Awareness Month , we're excited to release an updated version of the  HPV Fact Sheet .

HPV  causes six types of cancer, and is the leading cause of cervical cancer. Almost 600 Wisconsinites are diagnosed with HPV-attributable cancers each year.

The HPV vaccine can prevent these cancers -- but the majority of children in WI are  not getting vaccinated.

This  fact sheet offers a snapshot of the HPV vaccine in WI and what  you can do to make a difference. It's the latest tool in our  Action Plan to increase HPV vaccination rates in WI.
Taking Action on Radon
Radon exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Wisconsin, second only to smoking. You can learn more and help raise awareness throughout January, in honor of Radon Action Month.
Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that can leak into homes, schools, and other buildings. Radon is common in Wisconsin - yet many homeowners don't realize a simple test can reduce their exposure.
Learn all about radon, including how to test your home, with these  resources from the WI Department of Health Services. And find more strategies to reduce radon exposure in the  WI CCC Plan!
ICYMI  The WI Department of Health Services released a health advisory last week:
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These slides can be modified to fit your needs when presenting about the alcohol-cancer connection in your community.
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