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Wisconsin Cancer Council News | Issue 106  | May 2018
'A Home for Everyone'
New ideas, inspiring momentum at the 2018 Regional Meetings

Not even a surprise snowstorm could stop the 2018 Regional Meetings from being a success!
Throughout April, 162 participants in six different cities across Wisconsin gathered to network, share success stories, and pledge to help move our Action Plans forward.
Ice and snow threatened to interrupt the meeting in West Allis, just east of Milwaukee - but staff quickly converted the in-person gathering to a lively webinar.
Elsewhere - Kimberly, Eau Claire, Wausau, LaCrosse, and Madison - participants broke up into small groups to discuss the four Action Plans and how they could help.
Participants promised to help develop toolkit materials, share materials with key partners, participate in working groups, gather important data, educate policymakers, and more.
Each Regional Meeting also featured success stories from local WI Cancer Council members (we'll be featuring them in future issues of ENGAGE!). These success stories included:
  • Using partnerships and quality improvements to increase advance care planning conversations.
  • A local health department's efforts to educate the public about the alcohol-cancer connection, which was elevated by the local newspaper's in-kind efforts to raise awareness.
  • A health education center's success with HPV vaccine education and partnership opportunities.
  • Collaboration between a cancer treatment facility and local community organizations to increase awareness and use of colorectal cancer screening.
  • Collaboration between a cancer treatment facility and public schools to increase parent and student awareness of the HPV vaccine's importance in cancer prevention.

  • Choose one of our existing resources (listed in the Resource Roundup, below) and share it with a key partner in your community.

  1. Raise awareness of the alcohol-cancer connection.
  2. Increase HPV vaccination rates.
  3. Improve cancer screening rates.
  4. Increase access to quality cancer care and services.
Notable Quotables
Heard 'round the room at the Regional Meetings
"There is a home for everyone here."
Mari Freiberg, Scenic Bluffs Community Health Center, La Crosse
"We have the opportunity to take advantage of the experience of other members,
and to share with them what we do." 
Gale Johnson, WI Well Woman Program, Madison
"Network. And be strategic and inclusive in that networking."  
Jennifer Balistreri, Aurora Cancer Care, West Allis
"We have to walk the walk as health care professionals."  
Marilyn Follen, Marshfield Clinic, Wausau
"[Policy change] takes time and collaboration!"  
Sharon Reyzer, St. Croix Public Health, Eau Claire
"We're using the WI CCC Plan to guide the work, and to find the language." 
Ellen Koski, Fox Valley Advance Care Planning Partnership, Kimberly

Thank you to all our members who brought their enthusiasm and ideas - and, in many cases, colleagues! - to the 2018 Regional Meetings!

Resource Roundup
Highlights from the resources shared at the Regional Meetings

Alcohol & Cancer Awareness
Alcohol & Cancer FAQ (WI Cancer Council)
Alcohol & Cancer Infographic (WI Cancer Council)
HPV Vaccination Rates
Cancer Screening
Lung Cancer Screening graphic (Free to Breathe)
Quality Cancer Care & Services
Palliative Care Issue Brief (WI Cancer Council)
Cost of Cancer Issue Brief (WI Cancer Council)
Cross-Cutting Policy Issues
Policy Roundup Archive (WI Cancer Council)
Evaluation Survey
If you attended the 2018 Regional Meetings, we want to hear from you. What did we do well? What could we do better? Take the survey here
Equity: What Do You Want to Know?
Share your speaker and workshop ideas for the 2018 Summit

This November, Council members from all over the state will convene in Madison to learn new ways to take action toward cancer health equity, at the 2018 WI Cancer Summit

Last week, about two dozen members gathered by webinar to share workshop ideas and speaker suggestions as we begin planning the Summit's agenda.
The conversation was so helpful and interesting that we didn't want it to end! So we're keeping our virtual doors open. If you didn't have the chance to join the webinar, or if you had another idea after we said goodbye, we invite you to chime in here.

Share, Learn, Educate 
May is Nat'l Skin Cancer Month

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and we've rounded up a few action steps you can take within your personal, professional, and social networks:
New Worksite Wellness Tool
Updated toolkit for members

The WI Chronic Disease Prevention Program has released an updated version of Wisconsin Worksite Wellness -- a toolkit designed to help employers design wellness programs for staff.

From the Foreword: "Unlike other resource kits, [our] focus is on reducing the risk factors to chronic disease: poor nutrition, inactivity, and tobacco use."

The toolkit offers pre-assessment tools, suggested activities, and methods for gauging effectiveness.

Find other resources to increase healthy, active lifestyles on our website .
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Upcoming events from Cancer Council members

June 13     Joy, Appreciation, and Perspective: Stories of Gilda and What I Have Learned  ( Description: Part of the Gilda's Club 2018 Speaker Series)

See  more events in our  member events calendar online. 
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Tools to advance your cancer control work
Connect with other members across the state through our highly searchable, data-rich member directory tool. (Must be logged in.)
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Our video tutorial series can help you maximize resources, such as the online Cancer Control Plan and the Your Role in Cancer Control tool.
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Designed to easily communicate complex ideas, our infographics are perfect to share with patients, partners, and constituencies.
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Our latest FAQ debunks common myths about  about alcohol & cancer. Use it to start important conversations with patients, clients, and community members.
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Action Plan pages
The Council's Action Plans accelerate progress in areas of greatest need. Learn more about each Action Plan and see how you can get involved.
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