Welcome to the  October 2017  edition of Eng age  ... suicide in the elderly, workplace stress, unforgettable bosses, Homeshare, Hip fractures (it's not good news), driverless cars, gardening, tai chi, documenting CPD ... it's all happening in this edition ... read on & enjoy!!
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How Do We Stop the Elderly Suicide Epidemic?
In the US, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death among adults. Tragic and complicated, suicide leaves families and friends looking for answers - and wondering how it could have been prevented  .…  Read more  
 (Source: huffingtonpost.com)
Job design must be considered to reduce workplace stress
“Workplaces need to move beyond promoting mental health awareness and focus on mentally healthy workplaces. This suggests thinking about how the way work is designed and what changes can be introduced to prevent psychological harm to employees”.  … Read more (Source: fmmagazine.com.au)
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7 Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable
For many unforgettable bosses … things clicked once they stopped thinking about what their people could do for them and started thinking about what they could do to help their people succeed  ... Read more
(Linkedin article by Dr. Travis Bradberry)
Sharing brings caring: How Homeshare keeps seniors at home and out of aged care
At 91, Margaret was in good health, had a personal alarm and solid family support (with visits from her children three to four times a week), but to continue living at home, she needed more  ... Read more (Source: domain.com.au)
It's all a bit much... I feel exhausted!
From our friends at Diabetes Meals Online , comes a great article on diabetes burnout and management tips. A great resource for information and diabetes nutrition products ... Read more
(Source: diabetesmealsonline.com.au)
The story of Hip Fractures - brace yourself for some bad news …
Five per cent of patients who break a hip will die in hospital, and up to 25 per cent will die within the year as a direct result of their injury, a major audit of the Australian and New Zealand Hip Fracture Registry (ANZHFR) found  … Read more  
(Source: araratadvertiser.com.au)
Why Your Nose May Be Key to Parkinson's Risk  ...  Read more  
(Source: consumer.healthday.com)

Japan trials driverless cars in bid to keep rural elderly on the move  ...  Read more  
(Source: reuters.com)

Undetected fractures linked to back pain in older men   …  Read more
(Source: reuters.com)

My favourite podcasts for health & aged care workers  ...  Read more
(Source: Linkedin Article by Meg Lowry, Principal at Next Step Physio & Creator of the Clock Yourself app & Balance Yourself book)

Doctors should prescribe gardening for patients more often, says report  ... Read more
(Source: theguardian.com)

Tai chi can help older patients with disabling conditions  ... Read more
(Source: theguardian.com)
Life stories place the resident at the
epicentre of their care
There are so many tasks that care professionals need to complete day-in and day-out, making it difficult to spend quality time getting to know residents and their stories.
So how can busy carers quickly learn about their residents so they can connect immediately? Read more
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