Needs & Opportunities
June 2021
SMGW’s partner resource known as “Needs & Opportunities” is back! The purpose of this resource is for YOUR use in communicating needs and opportunities at SMGW within YOUR church or school community, to facilitate engagement and response.  That said, it is only as effective as you make it!
It is DESIGNED for you to incorporate as much as you wish in YOUR church’s or school’s regular hard copy or e-communications.  Articles marked "Copy & Paste Ready!" are written so you may use them in your own newsletter or other materials and may have places marked _____ to insert your church/school name. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about the good work we are doing together. Articles should be used from today until July 30th
A Mission Minute 
(Copy & Paste ready) 
You may have heard about our (Church/School)’s partnership with Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, especially as this year’s Empower our Neighbors in Need campaign kicks off. Empowerment comes in many forms- from helping participants find housing, to finding an outfit for a job interview, and so much more. Samaritan Ministry’s many programs support participants as they work towards their goals, and caseworkers stay in touch with them even after those goals have been met. As STRIVE graduate and Next Step Program participant Charles Hopkins puts it, “If you accept the coaching and take STRIVE training, you’ll get what you need to accomplish your goals.”  

Even in these uncertain times, Samaritan Ministry’s mission continues. Participants have found Jobs and housing during the pandemic, and SMGW has been able to provide more food through fresh grocery giveaways and even a BBQ essentials giveaway in preparation for Memorial day. It’s been over a year of pivots and change, but as the world begins to reopen, so do Samaritan Ministry’s offices. There will be plenty of opportunities to give your time, talent, and/or treasure to keep our partnership strong, so stay tuned and be sure to follow Samaritan Ministry on social media for more updates! (Twitter: @SamaritanMinDC , FB: @SamaritanMinistryDC) Visit to learn more. 
NOVA Office of Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington Opens: What Goes Around Comes Up Roses! 

What does it take to continue to serve vulnerable people during the treacherous time of the COVID Pandemic? Grit, determination, a sense of humor, flexibility, and science. 

When it became clear in March 2020 that the Pandemic was real and dangerous, all SMGW (Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington) offices closed for in-person services and made plans to pivot to virtual online services and limited direct services on our porches. At NOVA, this meant setting up intake and service stations at 6-foot intervals, watching the numbers – the surrounding jurisdictions’ 7-day average new case counts... read more