August 26, 2022

How full is your calendar? With fall crop work, schools back in session, football and other fall sports gearing up, and fairs taking place across the southeast, the safe bet would be that your calendar doesn't have many blank dates.  

Just make sure to reach for a glass of cold milk from any brand that comes from southeast cows, and stay refueled for all activities!  

In this Issue of the GA Milk E-News:

  • Dr. Larry Guthrie honored by GA Farm Bureau
  • Two 'Top' Lists: Dairy Foods Top 100 Announced; Rabobank Global Top 20
  • Remembering NC's Bob Stamey - SE Dairy Pioneer and Exporter
  • FMMO Reform: AFBF FMMO Forum in October;  FarmFirst Webinar / NMPF recording
  • Borden Closure: AL Ag Commissioner comments, ESL milk to be delivered
  • Rodgers: Silage - It's that time of year again!
  • Mozart or 'Moo'zart?  The 'Moo'sic has it! (for fun!)
  • Georgia Dates & Events: GA Dairy Youth, DMC Deadline Sept. 1; Dairyland Classic, GMP District Meetings; Sunbelt Expo

Dr. Larry Guthrie Recognized with GA Farm Bureau 2022 Commodity Award

Dr. Larry Guthrie, who needs no introduction to the dairy community in Georgia and the Southeast, has been bestowed with the 2022 Commodity Award by the Georgia Farm Bureau. His dedication to dairy farmers, dairy education, and in particular, dairy youth, is legendary, and there is no one more deserving of this award. 

It would be difficult to tally the total amount of lives which have been impacted by Dr. Guthrie's' work, but it would no doubt be well into the thousands!

We join all of Georgia Agriculture in a hearty ''Congratulations!'' and a resounding ''Thank You, Kind Sir!'' to Dr. Guthrie!

The news release from GA Farm Bureau:


Long-time dairy and youth advocate Dr. Larry Guthrie was presented as the 2022 Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) Commodity Award during the GFB Commodity Conference held Aug. 11 at the Stone Mountain Evergreen Conference Center. The GFB Commodity Award, one of the organization’s highest honors, is given to individuals who have supported and promoted Georgia agriculture.

The GFB Board of Directors selects the award recipient from nominees submitted by the organizations’ commodity advisory committees. Guthrie was nominated by the GFB Dairy and Beef Committees.

Guthrie, who retired as a professor in the UGA Animal and Dairy Science Program in 1999, has worked to advance dairy science and practices in Georgia for more than 50 years.

“Dr. Guthrie has been a dedicated and unwavering supporter of Georgia’s youth and dairy programs through 4-H and FFA. He has spent decades providing leadership and education to the dairy industry,” said GFB President Tom McCall. “His knowledge and passion for dairy has inspired and helped develop countless producers and youth nationwide. Georgia Farm Bureau is proud to present him with the 2022 Commodity Award.”

Guthrie grew up in Bullock County, Alabama, on his family’s livestock farm. He attended Jones Community College in Mississippi and McNeese State University in Louisiana. Guthrie earned his bachelor’s degree from McNeese State in 1961.

Guthrie began his Extension career while attending Auburn University, where he earned a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition with a minor in biochemistry. He earned his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University (LSU) in ruminant nutrition. He then joined the faculty at LSU and was eventually recruited to the University of Georgia in 1977 as a professor in the Department of Animal and Dairy Science.

“Dairy has always been special to me,” Guthrie said. “I’d like to thank the Farm Bureau commodity committees. This is a highlight of my career, being recognized.”

As faculty with the University of Georgia, Dr. Guthrie was responsible for educational programs and outreach with the Cooperative Extension Service related to dairy cattle nutrition, management, replacement rearing, heat stress management, and 4-H dairy youth education. In addition, he conducted applied research and taught classes in the Department of Animal and Dairy Science. Guthrie is a major force behind the dairy youth programs in Georgia, including the development and oversight of the very successful 4-H and FFA Dairy Judging programs and the Georgia Commercial Dairy Heifer Program.

“Dr. Guthrie worked diligently to help Georgia dairy farmers develop protocol to advance into the 21st century,” GFB Dairy Committee Chairman Joel Keith said. “Through his guidance and interest, our industry has made great strides. Plus, he has mentored countless youth in education and leadership through his involvement with 4-H and FFA.”

In 1997, Dr. Guthrie began the Georgia Commercial Dairy Heifer Show, which has since introduced more than 6,000 Georgia youth to the dairy industry. Students borrow heifers from local dairies, which are generously loaned to keep the cost of raising and showing a heifer at a minimum. These are raised and trained by the students to participate in showmanship and conformation classes. Students can exhibit at local shows and the Georgia Commercial Dairy Heifer Show in February as part of the Georgia Junior National Livestock Show.

Thanks to Dr. Guthrie’s vision, this program introduces the dairy industry to many students from non-farm families, inspiring many to be future leaders in the industry. Dr. Guthrie’s extensive involvement in all facets of the dairy youth programs includes serving three years as President of the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation. He is a current member of the foundation’s board of directors and raises to support 4-H, FFA, and collegiate dairy educational programs.

In addition, Dr. Guthrie volunteered as dairy superintendent for the Purebred Dairy Cattle Shows at the Georgia National Fair for 25 years and continues as assistant superintendent.

After he retired, Dr. Guthrie and his wife, Rachel, started a dairy youth leadership scholarship for Georgia 4-H and FFA students.

The Guthries live in Watkinsville and have two children, Dr. Larry Guthrie Jr. and Rochelle Guthrie Edmonds.


Two Dairy Industry 'Top' Lists published this month

Aug 16, 2022: Dairy Foods 'Top 100' of North American Dairy Companies,  published by Dairy Foods Magazine. Land O'Lakes is #1 and DFA #2, with LOL slightly more than double in $$$ sales volumes  over DFA.

  • The intro article: 'The 2022 Dairy 100: Changes in the Air,' by Barbara Harfmann, for Dairy Foods
  • The Top 10 are: 1. Land O'Lakes (MN); 2. Dairy Farmers of America (KS); 3.Saputo (Canada); 4. Nestle, Zone America (Switzerland); 5. Lactalis, North American Operations (France); 6. Danone North America (France); 7. Savencia Fromage & Dairy, US Operations (France); 8. Agropur (Canada); 9. Kraft Heinz (IL & PA), and 10. Schreiber (WI).
  • The Complete Top 100 List:  Click here


Aug 23, 2022: ''Rabobank: Dairy's [Global] Top 20 Highlights Robust Recovery'', by Dave Natzke, for Progressive Dairy. 

  • Lactalis tops this annual list of multinationals with operations and subsidiaries around the globe .The top 5 are 1. Lactalis (France), 2. Nestle (Switzerland), 3. Danone (France), 4. Dairy Farmers of America (U.S.), and 5. Yili (China).
  • Note: Dairy Farmers of America ranks 4th, and is the only United States based company on this list
  • Read the complete 5 pg. pdf published by Rabobank, in its entirety here.   


North Carolina's Bob Stamey, a Southeast Dairy Pioneer, succumbs to farm accident

It is with great sadness we share the news from North Carolina of the sudden passing of Mr. Bob Stamey, a southeast dairy industry pioneer. Mr. Stamey died as the result of a farm equipment accident. 

The Stamey Farm, very familiar to drivers along I-40 near Statesville due to the 'Stamey Farm Road' exit sign at MM 146, was the launching pad for a dairy and cattle export business which placed cattle into 30 countries, many of them from Georgia and other Southeast states. In this role, the Stameys have been ambassadors for the southeast dairy industry and gained lifelong friends around the world. 

The Stameys have also had some value-added yogurt enterprises in the past. 

Through the years, the family and farm has received many personal and professional accolades, but are best known for their dedication to family and their community contributions in the Statesville community.

Please join the southeast dairy community in keeping the Stamey family in your thoughts and prayers. Memorial services will take place Saturday in Statesville, full details can be found in the obituary below. 

To learn more about Mr. Stamey:

August 24th: ''A Legacy of Faith, Family, and Farming: Bob Stamey Remembered,'' penned by Taylor Jedrzejek, for the Statesville Record and Landmark

August 24th: Robert (Bob) Wayne Stamey - Obituary, published at Troutman Funeral Home, Statesville.

August 23rd: ''Bob Stamey Dies in Tragic Farm Accident,'' published by the Statesville Record & Landmark

Statesville Chamber: Summary,   Stamey Farm's Export Work  


FMMO REFORM: Farm Bureau; FarmFirst-NMPF

Farm Bureau  FMMO Forum set for October 14-16, Kansas City

American Farm Bureau Federation has announced they are hosting a nationwide forum to discuss issues related to FMMO reform, in an effort to lead to the 'industry consensus' requested by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack. 

The event is scheduled for Friday, October 14th through Sunday, October 16th for Kansas City, Missouri. 

To learn more: 

  • The Announcement
  • The Forum Website (includes registration links and lodging information)
  • The Forum Agenda:  Announced Speakers include GA's own Zippy Duvall, Calvin Covington, Dixie Dairy Report; Dana Coale, Deputy Administrator, USDA AMS Dairy Programs; Joe Wright, President Emeritus. Southeast Milk, Inc; Anja Raudabaugh, CEO Western United Dairies, and Christopher Wolf, Dyson School, Cornell; with more to be announced in next few weeks  
  • To Register


FarmFirst Webinar with NMPF

FarmFirst Cooperative hosted an FMMO webinar on August 11; NMPF focus areas explained

  • National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) sponsored the one-hour webinar in conjunction with FarmFirst Cooperative. FarmFirst General Manager Jeff Lyon is a member of the NMPF FMMO Task Force, and introduced the discussion.
  • Jim Sleper, previous CEO of Southeast Milk, Inc., is the Chair of the NMPF Task Force, opened the discussion on their process, their work, and eventual focus on where they stand now. Peter Vitaliano, NMPF VP of Economic Policy and Market Research explained a great deal of the resulting positions. 
  • The four focus areas are: Make allowances, Class I movers, dairy products and product specs, and milk composition.
  • The webinar concluded with the thought that NMPF anticipates requesting a Federal Order hearing by the end of 2022 or in early 2023.
  • To listen to the webinar yourself, find a link here.  


BORDEN: Closures - AL Ag Commissioner Responds with an update  

Aug 25, 2022: ''Ag Commissioner Responds to Borden Dairy Plant Closures,'' posted at Highlights from the article:

  • Scope: 100 AL school districts. '736,000 half-pints of 'wholesome milk' served to 422,000 students each week.'
  • Ag Commissioner Rick Pate and staff working with Al State Dept. of Education Child Nutrition Program and the Dairy Alliance to secure supplies
  • ESL / shelf stable milk being added to bidding process; some ESL milk expected to arrive in North Alabama in early Sept.
  • Note: The most important thing is that children receive milk's nutritional benefits. However, with no ESL plant in the southeast readily producing school milk, this will further erode market availability for southeast dairy farms.


Rodgers: Silage Time in Georgia!

Aug 4, 2022: "It's that Time of Year Again!" by Caitlin Rodgers, Hillcrest Farms, Dearing, GA, for Hoard's Dairyman Notebook

  • Silage Harvest is one of the most crucial times of year for production success on a dairy farm. Georgia's own Caitlin Rodgers captures how Hillcrest works hard to maximize quality, which reflects the work of all dairy farms in Georgia and the Southeast.  
  • We would add - please be careful in all of your farm tasks! The untimely death of Mr. Stamey is a stark reminder how we all are just as blink away from a tragedy at any given time on the farm.


Mozart, or 'Moo'zart? The 'Moo'zic does it!

Aug 17, 2022:  Milk from Cows Raised on Mozart a Hit!by Naoyuki Mori, for the Asahi Shimbun

What 'moo'sic do you play in your barn? Country? Pop? Hip-Hop? or . . . Mozart?!? What do the cows like to hear? This fun story might have you adding some classical to your barn playlist!


Georgia Dairy and Ag Events

Milk for Thought: What will you do to publicly promote MILK in any of your activities? Will you take milk to a potluck dinner? Will you drink it on campus? Will your order it in a restaurant? 

Remember, Marketing MILK, the lifeblood of the southeast dairy industry, is the responsibility of all of us!

Dairy On!

Julie Walker,

for GA Milk Producers


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