The Action For Equity (A4E) model builds on the learnings of EOS’ first 5 years. Equity at the highest levels is urgent and possible. Our newly expanded model drives partners from access to success and onward to sustainability, while staying true to our mission of ensuring students of all backgrounds have equal access to America’s most academically intense high school programs—and particularly that low-income students and students of color have opportunities to succeed at the highest levels.
Access Opportunity
Phase 1: Data, coaching, and action to ensure students of color and low-income students enroll at equitable rates in your most rigorous high school courses.
Experience Success
Phase 2: Maintain equitable access, support students and staff, and focus on the experiences of students of color and low-income students to develop belonging-rich contexts for their success. 

Extend Equity
Phase 3: Develop and enshrine the policies, practices, and mindsets to sustain your equitable opportunities and begin to drive the core work on your own.