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DuPont Launches Synerxia Thrive To Increase Ethanol Yields:  The new fermentation system will deliver up to 4 percent higher ethanol yields, the company said. Read More

EPA Won't Change Responsibility For Ensuring Renewable Fuels: The EPA formally rejects an ill-conceived proposal to shift the RFS point of obligation. Read More  

AURI Names CVEC Ag Innovator Of 2017: The award was to honor CVEC's substantial impact in the areas of product innovation, uniqueness and commercialization potential Read More

Thirty-five students from Morris Area High School toured CVEC on Nov 6.   Read More

The move is expected to boost DDG exports to China

Automakers Approve E15 In Nearly 90 Percent Of New Vehicles:  Nissan is the latest major carmaker to approve E15 in its cars.  Read More

NRRI Develops Solid Biofuel To Offset Coal:  NRRI is now able to produce solid biofuels that perform at comparable energy values to coal in fossil coal-burning facilities Read More

Consumers Win With Ethanol: 
Ev ery consumer that chooses ethanol at the pump is saving money, whether using regular unleaded with E10 or E15.   Read More

Eight Airlines Fly With Gevo's Jet Fuel From ORD: On Fly Green Day, Gevo's isobutanol jet fuel was supplied to eight airlines via Chicago O'hare airport's existing fueling infrastructure.  Read More

Senator Weighs In On Ethanol: Sen. Amy Klobuchar stresses the importance of the RFS during a recent visit to the GPRE plant in Fairmont. Read More

E15 Sales In MN Breach 7 Million Gallons:  E15 sales in Minnesota as at the end of September hit a new record of 7.45 million gallons. Read More

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In its final rule for the 2018 RFS, the EPA has increased its cellulosic biofuel target to 288 million gallons from its earlier proposed target of 238 million gallons.  This in turn increases the overall advanced biofuel target for 2018 renewable volume obligations (RVO) under the RFS to 4.29 billion gallons. The RVO for corn ethanol is maintained at 15 billion gallons, which brings the total renewable fuel volume in 2018 to 19.29 billion gallons, up from the 19.24 billion gallons it proposed earlier in the year.
"Keeping the corn ethanol target at 15 billion gallons in 2018 will play an important role in increasing consumption of E15 and higher blends next year.  The increase in cellulosic biofuel targets for 2018 is a positive sign but it is still below the level the agency targeted for 2017 - 311 million gallons. These targets are important in spurring investment in the cellulosic biofuel market," said Tim Rudnicki, executive director of the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

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Thirty-nine students from Sibley East High School in Arlington toured Winthrop's Heartland Corn Products on Nov 14 to gain a better appreciation and understanding on local renewable fuel production. Read more here.

The U.S. Grains Council brought a delegation of livestock producers from Ecuador to CVEC on Nov 15 to get a better understanding of DDGs production. Read more here.

In a landmark development for Minnesota's ethanol industry, the number of stations offering E15 in the state exceeded 200 in November.  Read more   here .                                                                          Like us on Facebook  Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube