February 2020 Newsletter
EPA Legionella Webinar
ProAsys is pleased to provide our customers with information and updates regarding water-related regulations, standards and recommendations.  

Below are some highlights from the January 28th, 2020 EPA  Legionella Management and Treatment Webinar.  
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On the Rise

CDC reported cases of Legionnaires's Disease increased 5.5 times from 2000 to 2017.

Legionellosis is a serious and growing health concern.
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Legionella Outbreaks

Out of the 103 Legionellosis outbreaks from 2001-2014, 88 were located in the Eastern and Atlantic time zone. 
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Source Water

Evaluation of the 2001-2014 Legionella outbreaks revealed that Surface Water was the predominant source and chlorine was the disinfectant for the majority of occurrences. 
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Water Quality

Quality of water entering a building can impact growth of Legionella in building water systems.  

Potential risk factors are:
  • Inadequate Disinfectant Residual
  • Nutrients Support Legionella Growth
  • High Water Age
EPA Efforts to Reduce Legionella Risk

Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) published in 1989 - elements identified for evaluation include:
  • Numerical value for minimum disinfectant residuals in distribution systems
  • Distribution system management to reduce intrusion, leakage, main breaks, cross connections and pathogen growth in storage tanks
Technologies for Legionella Control in Premise Plumbing Systems: Scientific Literature Review 2016 which p rovides a characterization of the effectiveness of treatment technologies from peer reviewed literature.

Revised Total Coliform Rule which r equires monitoring of total coliform and E coli.

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