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Winter Issue  Nov. 30, 2015
Season’s greetings to you and yours!
In celebration of the joy and hope of the season and appreciation of the interactions we've experienced over the past year, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  In This Issue
Tennessee Arts Commission Awards Grant To Tekelia Kelly 
Tekelia Kelly was awarded a grant by the Tennessee Arts Commission to provide ST EAM integrated learning programs for  Tennessee area schools. Programs are correlated to core academic subjects, and designed to enrich math, reading, science, art, history and social studies.  Ms. Kelly's arts-integration and artist residency programs are  Student Ticket Subsidy compatible.  For booking and more information, please click here.
E PB Fiber Optics Sponsors Tekelia Kelly's "Celebrate & Create!" E-book
EPB Fiber Optics  is a corporate sponsor of Tekelia Kelly's "Celebrate and Create! Make The Holidays Great!" E-book.  Release of the e-book was announced this Fall.  Story of e-book and announcement of EPB Fiber Optics' sponsorship can be found in article covered at  Chattanoogan.com  
"Celebrate & Create!" E-book
Give the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season with Celebrate & Create! Make The Holidays Great!" This FUN, creative, innovative and interactive e-book is an online and off-line tool and toy with custom-designed arts, crafts, games, activities, culture-rich content and great people stories that are real and relevant. Includes makers, mentors, manners, media; materials and more! N O ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.  JUST ADD CHILD(REN) AND TIME ! For more fun, add colored 
pencils, crayons and make e-book into personal scrapbook and/or journal. 
20th Anniversary Celebration
Since 1995, Tekelia C. Kelly has served business and education with instruction and technology under the name Tekelia Kelly's FYI--For Your Information.  She has taught children;  trained adults; and managed IT projects for organizations like Mapco Oil, UTC and Chattanooga State. Today Ms. Kelly celebrates 20 years of service with new website, newsletter, e-book, grant, Code.org and Maker Camp teaching programs and  more!. 

New Platform, Programs, People and Places
Tekelia Kelly's "History Revived" show debuted at DuPont Elementary and aired on WDEF' TV's "What's Right With Our Schools" in 2014.  She also appeared in C reate 2014's STEAM Teaching Artist Showcase.  In 2015, she performed at Thelma Barker Elementary in Jackson, TN.  In 2016, she will roll out her show "March On" which teaches about U.S. and African American history; patriotic, spiritual and freedom songs; civil right marches and movements; and faith of founding fathers. The program is grant funded and scheduled to run in area schools.
A showcase of Ms. Kelly' projects can be found at TekeliaKelly.com.  Also, onsite is a special tribute made to students, with Ms. Kelly singing.  To view click the "Celebrating 20 Years" gold star on the website's home page.

For booking or more information please contact the Tennessee Arts Commission or email Tekelia Kelly at [email protected].

Code.org Awards Tekelia Kelly   Code with Teaching Certificate

Tekelia Kelly was awarded the Code.org teaching certificate after completing a day-long training workshop in Dalton, Georgia Fall 2015. The  Professional Development training covered K-5 "Hour of Code" class curriculum, materials and lesson plans used with digital devices or as unplugged classroom activities when teaching children to code.  To book class or training workshop, please email [email protected]. 

More info 

The Hour of Code Is Coming
The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 40 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104. For help with an "Hour of Code"  class or teacher training, please email [email protected].

More info

"The Other Letter":  What Children Really Want For Christmas
"The Other Letter" , an experiment done by the organization IKEA shows what children really want for Christmas.  C hildren were asked to write two letters: one for the Three Kings (like Santa Claus) and one for their parents. They were then asked to choose only one letter to send.  
Results showed that what children really want is time, involvement and activities with their parents.  "This underscores our belief and mission" said Tekelia Kelly, author of the "Celebrate and Create!" e-book. "Our e-book was d esigned to creatively engage, educate, communicate and connect with children", said Ms. Kelly. 

Click here to learn about the experiment done by IKEA on "what children really want for Christmas".
Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!
Thanks to supporting businesses: Corporate Sponsor EPB Fiber Optics at www.epbFi.com, Dr. Keith B. Dressler. DDS, Vincent Phipps of  Communication VIP Training and Coaching, Walter Johnson and Lou Goss of Aquarium Foods, Mack Kelly of Alternative Auto Broker, and Dorothea Johnson of Inner Glow Skin Care Services. 

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Give the gift that keeps on giving
"People perish for the lack of knowledge."  Why not give a gift that keeps on giving, that empowers learning, and inspires living this season!  
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How can we serve you?
About Tekelia Kelly

Tekelia Kelly celebrates and cultivates the talent(s), gift(s) and interest(s) of every child. As an Instruction Designer and Engineering Technology professional, Tekelia designs instruction with the whole learner in mind: both academic and artistic. 

Tekelia custom designs lesson plans, e-learning curriculum and courses for schools and classes that are correlated to core academic subjects.  She also works with teachers and collaborates on projects to help empower learning.

Programs are an excellent source of learning enrichment for history, language arts, math, critical thinking and character development.  All programs are interactive,  age-appropriate and student ticket subsidy compatible.

Visit the Tennessee Arts Commission at http://tnartscommission.org/, or email [email protected] for more information.  Click here to see Tekelia Kelly's personal Teaching Artist web page. 

We create STEAM programs that empower education.
We celebrate life and learning for your information.