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September 2016
In this issue: We highlight Pneumatic Pumps , Flares for Odor Control & Fugitive Gas and our new scale model LTL Biogas RF Series Flare appearing at several upcoming conferences!

Conference News: We are exhibiting at the Iowa Recycling and Solid Waste Management Conference, Florida Remediation Conference, and NGWA Groundwater Week. Details below.

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Product Highlight
Viridian America Environmental Pumps

Viridian America's environmental pneumatic pumps are suitable for numerous vertical pumping applications.  The rugged design is ideal for pumping highly corrosive leachate at elevated temperatures.  With corrosion resistant components, high performance float, and epoxy resin outer casing, the Viridian America pneumatic pump is the most durable pneumatic pump available on the market today.

Typical applications include:
  • Vertical extraction wells
  • Landfill gas extraction wells
  • Condensate sumps
  • Recovery wells at remediation sites
Capabilities & Options:
  • Bottom or top inlet configurations
  • Low draw down models
  • Available in 4", 3" and 2" Sizes
  • Standard ultra-durable epoxy resin fiber-glass casing
  • Optional 316 Stainless Steel casing
  • Quick and easy disassembly for routine cleaning and maintenance
Ask about the VVA-14, our solution to deal with vacuum conditions!

For more information call 1-800-762-8418 or email us at info@viridianamerica.com
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LTL Biogas Flares

LTL Biogas Flares are widely used for odor and emission control when vacuum assist is required, such as cap vents, leachate stations, or from gas outbreaks at the surface of active or closed landfill cells. 

These units are ruggedly constructed for long life and feature solar-powered continuous ignition with very low maintenance requirements. Skid and trailer mounting options are available to adapt to any situation.

Standard Flare Features:
  • Easy Assembly and Maintenance with Rotating Column Design
  • Solar or Line Powered Electronic Ignition - LPG Flame Pilot Also Available
  • 5-750 SCFM Biogas Combustion Capacities
  • Excellent Combustion Efficiency
  • High Temperature Thermocouple with Programmable Data Logger
  • Low Pressure, Easy Cleaning Flame Arrester Constructed with Aluminum Body and 304 Stainless Steel Internals
  • Carbon Steel Riser Pipe
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Skid Mounted; Easily Portable
  • Complies with 40 CFR 60.18
Solar Spark® Passive Vent Flares

Solar Spark® Vent Flares are widely used for odor and emission control at passive outlets, such as cap vents, leachate stations, or from gas outbreaks at the surface of active or closed landfill cells.

Solar Spark® Vent Flares are typically used on landfill gas vents, wells, or leachate system cleanout lines to combust flammable gases. Solar Spark® Vent Flares combust flammable gases at low ambient pressure without the need for blowers or external power.

Standard Features Include:
  • All Weather Stainless Steel Spark-Pilot
  • Solar-Powered Continuous Ignition System, 6-Volt Or 12-Volt
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • Inline Flame Arrester
  • 2-90 SCFM or 5-140 SCFM Flow Rates


Learn more here 


Be sure to checkout our new scale model LTL Biogas RF Series Flare appearing at upcoming conferences including the 2016 Florida Remediation Conference in Orlando, FL and the 2017 Landfill Gas Symposium in Reno, NV.

This 1/4 scale replica features miniaturized components of it's full size counterpart including: 
  • Flare Head
  • Flame Arrestor
  • Flanged Inlet
  • Skid Base
  • Pivoting Design
  • Galvanized Finish

Consult with an Applications Specialist at 1-800-443-7426 or email us at info1@epgco.com for more information about Flares, Odor Control & Fugitive Gas Solutions.

Upcoming Events
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EPG will have representation at the following SWANA and industry related events:Events

Davenport IA (EPG & Viridian America Exhibiting)  
Orlando FL (Viridian America Exhibiting)  
Las Vegas, NV (Viridian America Exhibiting)
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