March 2018
ISSUE NO. 92   
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EPG Webinar Series:

"Avoidable Complications Due to
Landfill Liquids Pumping System Designs"

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*SWANA CEUs awarded for participating. 
What's the Webinar About?
The most important decisions impacting the success of a landfill occur during the initial design phase of the landfill, cell, or expansion.

These design decisions can have a significant impact on the long-term success of the landfill, its regulatory compliance, operational cost and  operational efficiency.

EPG has developed a presentation to address complications in landfill leachate and condensate pumping systems. The content of the presentations are based on:
  1. Actual conditions that  EPG support staff and our Third Party Service Provider field technicians are still seeing regularly on landfills
  2. The hundreds of new landfill or new cell designs that our Applications Specialists are reviewing every year when we are asked to provide pumping equipment quotes for the projects.
The webinar series consists of two available sessions:
  1. Electric Pump Oversights and Conditions - Duration 1 hour
  2. Pneumatic Pump Oversights and Conditions - Duration 45 minutes
Each section will address the cause and the recommended alternatives as food for thought. The goal of this presentation is to create awareness of design oversights or best practices that could lower down time and minimize operational cost due to maintenance of the leachate pumping systems.

*Each session rewards you 1 SWANA CEU
Who's it for?
These webinars are aimed toward:
  1. Engineers doing landfill designs or cell expansion designs that require leachate pumping systems to  either a)keep the landfill compliant with leachate levels, odor or methane emission regulatory requirements, or b)dewater gas wells for the purpose of methane gas extraction for LFGTE projects.
  2. Quality Control consultants or engineers who are inspecting the installation of electric or air powered leachate pumping systems on landfills, that were installed for the purposes listed above.
  3. Landfill general managers, operations managers, technicians or third-party support and services personnel who are managing landfills or providing services to landfills to maintain their leachate pumping systems.

Scheduling a Webinar
Webinars are scheduled based on the availability of you and your colleagues and employees in one-on-one or group formats.

To request a webinar, please email EPG at, call 1-800-443-7426, or click the button below and fill out our webinar request form.

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