Campaign Update | June 2022
Thank you for your support of Elings Park EPIC! Campaign
EPIC! Reaches $6.1M! 
Dear Friends,
Spring has sprung and summer is here! The 252 oak trees and 2000 native shrubs planted this spring are thriving.
Over 400 sheep were recently back in the hills of Elings Park South grazing, improving the soil, and providing a natural form of wildfire abatement.
The sounds of kids attending camp affirm the joy of summer days.
In the last 3 months, EPIC! raised over $600,000. Thanks to you, we continue to make the badly needed improvements to the Park’s infrastructure.
Every time we’re in the Park, the compliments we hear are gratifying. So many smiles on so many faces. Making a difference in the lives of many, Elings Park continues to prove its relevance. The children, adults, and families who visit the Park’s 230 acres of open space every day tell us so. 
Elings Park is America’s largest park operated by a non-profit without any government funding. We thank the community members and foundations who contribute to EPIC! 
Las Positas Tennis Center Renovation Hits 60% Fundraising Milestone

With recent gifts and pledges, we’ve raised $1.9M of the $3.2M required to renovate the Tennis Center. Our goal is to raise the balance by September and to start the renovation on September 6, 2022. 

New improvements will include new restrooms, patios, terrace seating, shaded gathering areas, BBQ, drinking fountain, pro shop, shade trellis, ADA access to all courts, landscaping, paving, new parking lot, improved security, and better site lighting.

Once the remaining funds are raised, the renovation work is expected to take 9 months. 
Meanwhile, two major milestones were reached –
  1. The building permit is ready! 
  2. New LED court lighting was installed. The new lights provide better court lighting to a collegiate level and reduce energy costs by 75%
Signature Playground - Phase 1 of 4

Surveying is complete. With the addition of the popular sliding hill, the Cappello Playground is getting more use than ever before. Yet, having been in place for 30 years, and going through two sets of play equipment, it’s now time for an update.
It’s also a perfect opportunity to design the new playground to tell the Park’s story in a fun and inviting way. EPIC! has commissioned an award-winning illustrator to bring to life a children’s story about how the Park came to be.
As you can imagine, trying to explain that the Park operates without any government funding and exists only because of the generosity of the community is a tough challenge.
Even more so is explaining that it was once the City’s dump, but became a pioneer in the environmental movement of reclaiming brownfields for recreation.
However, kids get it, especially if it’s told to them in a story. So we’re going to let the kids educate their families as to how Elings Park came to be.
EPIC! envisions connecting the Cappello Playground with the existing Soccer Field Playground through two other playgrounds now under concept development.
Adapt, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Restore will be the underlying themes of these highly innovative playgrounds. Together, we can show how we can heal the earth and reestablish a sense of outdoor play and good health to our local community. 
Enclosed Dog Play Area

It’s hard to say who has more fun at the Park…the human members of the Elings Park Dog Owners Group (EPDOG) or their canine companions. What we do know is that EPDOG members treasure their time at the Park, interacting with both two-and four-legged friends.
With so much activity at the Park, EPIC! has determined that two enclosed dog play areas would be of great benefit. The enclosed dog play areas will provide a dedicated area for Fido and Spot to hang out. The new areas will provide shade, a safe place to play, relax, and more.
With the surveying complete, a design consultant is being selected. EPIC! looks to get started Q4 2022 once the approximately $750,000 in pledges and cash are raised. 
Promote Godric Grove's Significance as a Cultural Resource

As the Park’s premier venue, Godric Grove is a significant contributor to the Park’s finances. It’s also 40 years old and needs a re-fresh. Thanks to a generous challenge gift from the Kirby-Jones Foundation, we are starting to update the landscaping.
We are looking to raise an additional $550,000 to renovate the decking, patios, and handrails. Godric Grove is the largest contributor to the Park’s financial stability. These improvements will add value and increase our ability to be self-sustaining.

An EPIC! Thanks

Elings Park’s relevance with its 230 acres of safe open space has become invaluable to our community. So, it’s with gratitude to those foundations and individuals who contribute to the ongoing revitalization efforts of Elings Park’s infrastructure, we say thank you. 
Infrastructure Projects Completed
As a result of the community’s gifts and pledges, here’s what we’ve accomplished to date:
Disk golf course
New LED lighting installed at the tennis courts
Mayor Randy Rowse speaking at National Arbor Day
Mayor Randy Rowse planting
Oak tree #252 to celebrate
National Arbor Day
Water well
restored and operating
Veteran's Memorial Walk
re-landscaped with native plants
Las Positas Tennis Center renovation permit ready to issue
Las Positas mitigation planting partnership with City of SB completed along the Veterans Memorial Walkway and north of Godric Grove
Jerry Harwin Parkway re-forestation and native plants re-landscaping completed
Dog wash station installed
All roads resurfaced
Soccer restrooms and adjoining patios renovated
Jerry Harwin Parkway sinkhole repaired
Softball restrooms renovated
Retaining walls
Funded Upcoming Projects
Elings Park’s Infrastructure Committee is hard at work lining up the next projects! 

Water Well Restoration $100,000
Phase II – tying into Park’s irrigation system, with thanks to the Hutton Parker Foundation! 

Park Hosts’ RV sites relocated $100,000
With surveying completed, site planning is underway with thanks to the Mosher Foundation!

EP South Trails Improvements $200,000
Underway with thanks to SAGE Trail Alliance, The Trek Foundation, and Montecito Bank & Trust!

JHP Entry Kiosk $150,000
Approved by the Architectural Board of Review! Fabrication drawings approved. Permit Plans are being developed with thanks to Anonymous Donor!

Frisbee Golf $25,000
Frisbee baskets in hand and course layout
with thanks to Bob and Patty Bryant!
Fund Raising
Upcoming Projects that we are currently fund raising for:
Las Positas Tennis Center

Accessible Paths of Travel
to all major Park Venues and Park Entrances

Improvements to Godric Grove and Amphitheatre

Renovation of Athletic Fields and Aging Irrigation Systems

Soccer Fields’ Main Entrance

Neighborhood Park Entrances and Accessibility Paths of Travel

Resilience Garden
in conjunction with Bucket Brigade
Naming Opportunities
Elings South Park
(Includes 140 open-space acres along the ocean with the hang-gliding hill.) $5,000,000
  • Hiking & Biking Trails - $50,000-$100,000 each
  • Director of Horticulture—Endowed Chair $2,500,000

Las Positas Tennis Center
  • Tennis Center Complex - COMMITTED $1,000,000
  • Tennis Courts - Centre Courts #s 3 and 4 $275,000 each
  • Tennis Courts #s 1, 2, 5, 6 (Three left!) $50,000 each
  • Tennis Court #5 - COMMITTED $50,000
  • Patio Picnic and Meeting Area and Arbor $400,000
  • Entry Pathway $100,000 - COMMITTED
  • Pro Room $75,000
  • Hitting Wall $50,000
  • Terraced Viewing Area—Five Levels $50,000 each

Park Entry Kiosk
COMMITTED $250,000

(Includes Godric Grove Refurbishment, ADA Pathway, Restrooms, Bridal Dressing Room) $2,500,000

Pavilion Meadow
(Includes ADA Pathway) $500,000    
  • Pavilion Meadow Restrooms $250,000
  • Pavilion Meadow Arbor $100,000

Playing Fields
  • Softball Fields (3) $500,000 each
  • Soccer/Rugby (2) $500,000 each

Playgrounds and Picnic Areas
  • Cappello Playground—Ages 3-5 - COMMITTED
  • Lower Signature Playground—Ages 5-12 $1,000,000
  • Hillside Sliding Playground $1,000,000
  • Upper Signature Playground $1,000,000
  • Upper Family Picnic Area TBD
Enclosed Dog Play Area
  • Agility Area $250,000
  • Sunset Area $250,000
  • Dog Wash - COMMITTED $30,000
  • Plaza Patio $250,000
Community Partnerships
To name a few, in the last year the Elings Park Foundation has formed community partnerships with:
> Alternatives to Violence
> Bucket Brigade
> SB Foundation Bread and Roses
> Campaign for Literacy
> Evenings at Elings
> Montecito Bank & Trust
> Pacific Pride Foundation
> Pickleball Aficionados
> PeerBuddies
> Police Activity League (PAL)
> Tennis Patrons Association
> Trek Foundation
> SAGE Trails Alliance
> Summit for Danny
Thank you for your ongoing support of Elings Park!
With all our best wishes for a glorious Santa Barbara Springtime!

Bruce Giffin & Lauren Katz
Co-Chairs, EPIC! Campaign
Elings Park Foundation Leadership
EPIC! Campaign Co-Chairs
Bruce Giffin
Lauren Katz

EPIC! Campaign Steering Committee
Joe Andrulaitis
Patty Bryant
Veronica Buck
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EPIC! Honorary Advisory Council
Bob Bryant
Joe Cole
Tooey Courtemanche
Jeff and Eun-ju Elings
Janet Garufis
Oscar Gutierrez
Gregg Hart
Palmer Jackson, Jr.
Mike Jordan
Abe Powell
Joann Rapp
Greg Tebbe
Anne Towbes

EPIC! Infrastructure Committee
Trish Allen
Suzanne Elledge Planning & Permitting Services, Inc.

Joe Andrulaitis
Andrulaitis & Mixon Architecture

David Black
David R. Black & Assoc., Landscape Architects

Mike Evans
Evans Constrcution Co.

Bruce Giffin
Giffin & Crane General Contractors, LLC, Ret.

Robert Schmidt
Flowers & Associates Engineering

Lew Venegas
Granite Construction, Ret.

EPIC! Campaign Coordinator
Marinella Baker

EPIC! Campaign Fundraising Counsel
The Kellogg Organization, Inc
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As a self-funding non-profit entity, Elings Park receives no city, state, or federal tax dollars. Along with the help of our many volunteers, it is your generous, ongoing support that enables the park to prosper.

Visit to learn how you can help, and to donate now.