HH Grantee's Research Is Published!

We are excited and proud to share that Epilepsia, the  Official   Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy, today published Dr. 
Varina L. Boerwinkle's research findings titled "Subcentimeter Epilepsy Surgery Targets by Resting State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Can Improve Outcomes in Hypothalamic Hamartoma". To read the full text click

Thanks to all of Dr. Boerwinkle's medical collaborators including HH grantee Salvatore J. Torrisi and HH Medical Advisory Board members Dr. William D. Gaillard, Dr. John F. Kerrigan, and Dr. Daniel J. Curry, among many others. We are also grateful for the support of and collaboration by Texas Children's Hospital, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Barrow Neurological Institute, et al. 

Extra special thank you to the Ronson Foundation for their generous support of this grant. Finally, thank you to Dr. Boerwinkle for her tireless efforts to help understand and improve treatments for HH patients. Dedicating this research in loving memory of Grace Katherine Webster speaks to her compassion for HH patients and caregivers and we are truly grateful!

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