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ESNH: Expiry of version 12.6 climate zone allowance for fenestration & doors

The current allowance for fenestration expires March 31, 2016. This refers to version 12.6 of the Standard, 4.2.3 footnote 3.  Homes that enroll with the ENERGY STAR for New Homes programs on or after March 31, 2016 must be built using windows that are ENERGY STAR certified to the climate zone at which they are installed. Prescriptive path homes will receive the BOP points that are currently associated with windows qualified for that Zone.

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Builders and Innovators Celebrate at the EQ Awards Gala
EnerQuality handed out the 2015 EnerQuality Awards at a sold-out Gala, part of the EQ Housing Innovation Forum. 

Each year the awards are presented to builders committed to building energy efficient and sustainable homes. 

Peter Gilgan, Dr Dianne Saxe, Corey McBurney
Hundreds Attend Sold-out EQ Housing Innovation Forum
Packed panels discussed the future of green building in Ontario. In the closing keynote, Dr. Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, and Mr. Peter Gilgan, Founder and CEO of Mattamy Homes and member of Ontario's Climate Action Group, discussed the future of homebuilding in light of Ontario's new Climate Change Strategy. 

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Minto, Mattamy, Reid's Among Those Honoured in Ottawa
Canada's elite net-zero energy home builders gathered in Ottawa to celebrate and accept awards for their contribution to advancing building science and responding to the global climate change challenge.   26 homes were built in four provinces as part of the Net-Zero Energy Housing demonstration project with Natural Resources Canada and Owens Corning Canada.

Kirk Johnson of EnerQuality
Union Gas, EnerQuality partner on free builder forums
The first two of four free forums, in Hamilton and Ingersoll, were packed and a hit. 

Builders heard about the changes coming to the 2017 Ontario Building Code, strategies to future proof your business, and  a panel of local builders shared the details of their strategy for building high performance (and even Net Zero) homes. 
Net Zero Builder Workshops in Ottawa and Toronto
Don't miss this highly-rated builder workshop, packed with everything you need to know about the CHBA Net Zero Labeling Program and Net Zero Energy/Net Zero Ready home building! April 10-11 in Toronto, November 23-24 in Ottawa.

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Diane Murray of Union Gas
Kingston (Mar 29) and Huntsville (Mar 31) Union Gas Builder Forums 
There are still two more free Union Gas builder forums taking place this month. 

These forums will help you understand the new code requirements and how to future proof your business by meeting industry and customer demands at no cost to you, the builder. 
The National Home Show is on
Presented by BILD from March 11-20 at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, on the Exhibition Place grounds. 

If listening to the masters is your thing, stake out the Celebrity Stage for experts on beautifying everything inside and outside the home. Or, you can visit the Best Buy custom-built Smart Home, the FutureDreamHome or shop the Garden Marketplace. 

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EnerQuality's mission is to accelerate housing innovation to improve building performance. Our mandate is to support home builders to deliver a better product in order to satisfy consumer expectations and meet regulatory requirements, in line with emerging market trends such as energy efficiency, intensification and other building code requirements.

Our programs are voluntary and market-based, designed to support builders and renovators with education and tools to achieve high performance building standards. Notable programs include ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, GreenHouse Certified Construction ™,  and The Green Renovator Project . EnerQuality was founded in 1998 as a partnership between the Ontario Home Builders' Association and the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance.

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