Outline of upcoming demonstration events and review of events held so far  
Register today to upcoming ALTERPAVE and SHAPE demonstration events
The focus in 2018 - just like in 2017 - for the ERA-NET Plus Infravation programme is most definitely the demonstration activities being held for the innovation projects, which gear them up for onward implementation. Events for six of the nine projects have now taken place with the following three still to come early this year:
In this newsletter we give an overview of two of the upcoming demonstrations, as well as a review of the events that have been held so far. You can also find out more about Infravation at the following key events this year:


-27th March 2018: the HEALROAD project's final conference at the Pavement Preservation and Recycling Summit (PPRS)  in Nice, France 

-16-19th April 2018: Infravation will feature on the CEDR stand (no. D02) at the exhibition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA2018) in Vienna, Austria.

-4th October 2018: The Infravation Final Event will be held at the Innovation Expo 2018 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

See www.infravation.net , the Linked In group or contact the Call Manager, Richard van der Elburg, for more information.
Register today to the ALTERPAVE project demonstration workshop...
The workshop will be organised in Carpiano, near Milan, Italy, on 27th February 2018. The ALTERPAVE project aims to promote the circular economy by demonstrating the technical and economic feasibility of replacing virgin aggregates and petroleum-based binders by alternative solutions (recycled materials and by-products).

Click here to register and here to access the agenda. Contact j.diez@erf.be  for more information.

...as well as the SHAPE project demonstration workshop
A two-day workshop will be organised on 12-13th March 2018 at the University of Bologna, Italy, to inform key stakeholders about the SHAPE project outcomes. The SHAPE project focuses on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) to identify the presence and location of damage in bridges.

The project aims to deliver an easy to use Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 solution, able to identify the condition of bridges. The workshop will cover project developments, key bridge management issues, a hands-on demonstration and field visits to two bridges. Participation to the workshop is free of charge but registration is necessary before 28th February 2018  here.

Overview of 2017 demonstration events
Following the SEACON project event in Tampa, Florida on 3rd-4th May 2017 and the BioRePavation demonstration event at IFSTTAR in Nantes, France on 6th July 2017, four more projects held their demonstration events in the second half of 2017.

SUREBridge holds two demonstration workshops
On 1st September 2017, the SUREBridge project held a workshop at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, to present the results so far. Participants from relevant stakeholders including representatives from Swedish Transport Administration (TRV), a number of consultant offices and contractors active in the strengthening and repair of structures attended the workshop. The workshop ended with a laboratory visit where the participants could see the large-scale beam specimens tested during August at Chalmers.
This event was followed by a public seminar on 22nd September at the School of Engineering of the University of Pisa, Italy where again some initial results were presented. More information can be found at surebridge.eu.

SEEBRIDGE holds four events in UK, Israel, USA and Germany
Four demonstration events have been held in total for the SEEBRIDGE project. Three took place on 18th September 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel at the Netivei Israel Head Office for more than 40 participants, at the University of Cambridge, UK, for almost 80 participants and the GDOT Bridge Office in Atlanta, USA, for more than 10 participants. The fourth then followed on 25th September 2017 in Munich, Germany. More information can be found at seebridge.net.technion.ac.il.

HEALROAD workshop unveils results and demonstration
The HEALROAD workshop took place on 26th October 2017 in Germany on the day after the 2017 Infravation Annual Event (see below for more details). The consortium presented the scientific and technical actions developed so far to an audience of around 50 experts. The laboratory tests focussed on key parameters to improve the self-healing technique already created by the University of Delft. The full-scale demonstrator considered the asphalt production and deployment of the test-section at the new duraBASt facility in Germany. The workshop finished with a visit to the duraBASt demonstration area where participants
joined a live demonstration with the devices deployed to prepare the pavement for the self-healing process. More information can be found at healroad.eu.

FASSTBRIDGE demonstration event held at Dragados near Madrid, Spain
Finally, the FASSTBRIDGE demonstration event was held at project partner DRAGADOS near Madrid, Spain on 7-8th November 2017. The meeting started with a welcome and introduction by Dragados, followed by a general introduction by the Project Coordinator Tecnalia. Then each of the technical elements were described:
  • Fatigue and design by AltaVista
  • Adhesive development by Collanti
  • Prototype testing by IFSTTAR
  • Jarama bridge by DRAGADOS
The day ended with a site visit to the Jarama bridge. More information can be found at fasstbridge.eu.
2017 Infravation Annual Event held during BASt Infrastructure Week
Some 70 key transport research stakeholders attended the 2017 ERA-NET Plus Infravation Annual Event held during the Infrastructure week on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th October 2017 at FEHRL member BASt near Cologne, Germany. This event, held on the same day
as the H2020 FOX project's final conference, was opened by Peter Wilbers, Infravation Programme Coordinator and Stefan Strick, BASt President, who both gave their respective introductions. Thomas Harman, Director of the Center for Accelerating Innovation of FHWA, then gave a motivational presentation on how the US has managed to transform transportation by innovation and each of the nine Project Coordinators followed with an update on their project's progress. William Bird, the European Commission's Scientific Officer for Infravation, then made the entertaining wrap-up and closing remarks before delegates were able to enjoy a joint Infravation and FOX cocktail party.

This event was one of the following series of Infravation events that took place during the whole week:
  • Tuesday 24th October, whole day: Infravation Scientific Panel and Project Coordinators meeting
  • Thursday 26th October, morning: Healroad project demonstration event
  • Thursday 26th October, afternoon: Infravation Steering Group meeting

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