Several key Infravation meetings planned around week of Infravation Annual Event
Register now to Infravation Annual Event 2017! 
Register here to the ERA-NET Plus Infravation Annual Event 2017 on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th October (13:15 to 17:30) at FEHRL member BASt near Cologne, Germany (Brüderstraße 53, D-51427 Bergisch Gladbach) to learn about the  first results of this programme . Click here for the draft agenda and here for recommended hotels and logistics information and also register here for the cocktail buffet directly after the Infravation event.

The conference will present initial project results of all of the nine innovation projects, feedback of the first demonstrations , as well as the next steps for implementation and exploitation. This event is one of the following series of events planned for the whole week:  
  • Monday 23rd October, whole day: EC Collaboration Innovation Days final event - register here for this event
  • Tuesday 24th October, whole day: Infravation Scientific Panel and Project Coordinators meeting - register here for this event
  • Wednesday 25th October, morning: H2020 FOX project final conference - register here for this event
  • Wednesday 25th October, afternoon: Infravation Annual Event 2017 - register here for this event
  • Wednesday 25th October, 5.30pm: Cocktail buffet - register here for this event
  • Thursday 26th October, morning: Healroad project demonstration event - register here for this event
  • Thursday 26th October, afternoon: Infravation Steering Group meeting
  • Friday 27th October, morning: Healroad project TRL assessment
For more information on the Infravation-related events, contact Project Officer Claudia Ciuca at and for the FOX final conference, contact Project Officer Migle Paliukaite at .
Infravation projects featured in FIRM10
The tenth issue of the FEHRL Infrastructure Research Magazine, just published last month, features as a key article (on pages 10-11) details about first two Infravation demonstration events already held this year for the innovation projects SEACON and BioRePavation, as well as details on the above upcoming Infravation Annual Event 2017.

The ERA-NET Plus Infravation programme and BioRePavation and ECLIPs projects also featured on the last day of the 2017 FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting (FIRM17) back in April and details on this can also be found on page 4 of the same magazine.   

Click  here to read this article and contact FEHRL Communications Officer, Catherine Birkner, at if you would like to receive a hard copy of the FIRM magazine.

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