Q1 | March 2019
ERAC Q1 2019 Newsletter
President's Message
Welcome to 2019! And what a year it’s proving to be. ERAC’s focus will be on launching a new online curriculum for responders and others in the industry, enhancing our response network by deploying several fire suppression trailers where they’re needed the most, and continuously improving our existing services and activities.

As we make our way through 2019, it’s not lost on ERAC that some of our most valuable assets are our relationships: with our responders, with our Plan Participant members, with our industry partners and with our staff. 

Mike Wright joined ERAC in January as a Geospatial Specialist. He will assist with the mapping of emergency response plans, provide significant expertise with GIS mapping and modelling, and develop ERAC’s Logistics Call Centre.

ERAC is recruiting technical advisors and RMAs in Saskatchewan – contact Don Merriam, Operations Director, 514-714-1075.
Nominate a Colleague Today
We are currently accepting applications for the Leo Sichewski Memorial Bursary and the ERAC Responder Awards. The deadline for both programs is March 31 - don't delay!

ERAC Training Curriculum: Almost Here!
ERAC’s new online training curriculum will launch on March 8. Our new curriculum, based on NFPA standards, is composed of five sections of training with 19 courses total. 

Training and Events

The majority of our regional training events are scheduled for 2019, in addition to our National Training Forum (May 7-9) and various first responder training sessions.

In the Spotlight: Keyera

The Keyera LPG response team has 16 members; with three team leads and two equipment caches, it can response to two separate incidents at one time. 

Shout Out to Our Responders
We're Listening...
In Q4 2018, ERAC sent a survey to our Plan Participant members to gather feedback as part of continuously improving our services.

We're pleased to say 89% of Plan Participants identified as satisfied or very satisfied overall, with services ranging from 4.4 to 4.9 out of 5.

Meet EOS (ERAP online services)

On January 28, Transport Canada launched its new web-based system, ERAP online services (EOS); EOS replaces the previous manual ERAP application process. This new system changes how ERAPs are managed, updated and renewed. 

Safety Bulletin: Fractured Sight Glass

A sight glass was used on the discharge side of a pump during a flammable liquids transfer and was later found to have fractured. We suspect the weight of the loaded discharge transfer hose combined with the pump vibration put unsupported stress on the sight glass.

Find Us

  • Feb. 26-28, Calgary, AB: ERAC had the opportunity to exhibit with the Canadian Propane Association, Parkland Fuel Corp. and Superior Propane at the Forward Summit. We appreciated the opportunity to connect with possible future partners.
  • March 19-20, Abbotsford, BC: ERAC is sponsoring the Multi-Industry Preparedness and Response Symposium
  • April 4-5, Moose Jaw, SK: ERAC is exhibiting at the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs Conference
  • May 1-2, Gatineau, QC: ERAC is exhibiting at the Good Chemistry Conference
  • May 24, Cranbrook, BC: ERAC is sponsoring and a partner in this TRANSCAER® Canada event. This emergency response training day for first responders involves both road and rail transportation of dangerous goods

In the News

ERAC was happy to contribute to the final journey of CCPX 911 - what a great asset it has been, and will continue to be at Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) at Pearson International Airport in Mississauga.

In January, we placed an ERAC flammable liquids fire suppression trailer with the Castlegar, BC fire department and trained the team. This trailer will stay in Castlegar, for use by fire departments when needed. Just one more way we're supporting our members, and communities, through dangerous goods emergency preparedness and response.

ERAC's technical advisor Lee Nelson had the opportunity to present at the Transport Canada TDG Research Symposium in February. We're proud of the work he's done looking to further the knowledge base on vent and burn operations.
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