Q1 Newsletter

Volume IV Issue I
March 2016

Message from the President 
Spencer Buckland
ERAC continues to work hard for our Plan Participant members by ensuring ERAC Response Teams, Remedial Measures Advisors (RMAs) and Technical Advisors (TAs) are receiving the best possible training and assessments in the industry. Many hours go into the preparation, delivery and assessment of the 21 ERAC Regional Training and Assessment exercises held across Canada annually. I am very proud of ERAC's internal team and all of the ERAC Responders for their ongoing dedication and commitment to making us recognized industry leaders... 

In This Issue
ERAC's Industrial Firefighting Training and Response Team Live Transfer Exercise

You're invited to... ERAC's Industrial Firefighting Training Exercise May 16 & 17 and ERAC's Response Team Exercise May 19.

Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) is holding an industrial firefighter training exercise May 16th and 17th and an ERAC Response Team live transfer exercise on May 19th.

We invite industrial firefighters, Plan Participants, Municipal Fire Departments, ERAC Responders and other Industry & Regulatory Stakeholders to attend this
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LPG Division Update
Don Merriam - Operations Manager, LPG

Historically, most LPG emergency incidents occur during the winter months and the trend continues this winter. After a non-eventful summer and fall, the calls to the ERAC Emergency Call Centre started to come in. December saw two LPG activations followed by two more in January and one in March; along with 13 notification only calls.

ERAC is looking for qualified Remedial Measures Advisor (RMA) candidates in the province of Saskatchewan. If you or someone you know has the experience, knowledge and desire to be
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Flammable Liquids Division Update
Patrick Knight - Operations Manager, Flammable Liquids

On May 19th, ERAC, with the assistance of Canadian Pacific Railway, will be running a Regional Training exercise which will include three ERAC Response Teams conducting live transfer from rail car to rail car. The Response Teams will include two Flammable Liquids teams; Shield from Edmonton and Quantum Murray from Calgary and one LPG team; Keyera from the Alberta region. This live transfer exercise will be considered their Regional Training and... Read more 

Plan Participant Information and an Update to Responders on SafetySync
Cheryl Dahlager - Manager, Process Services

Please note that the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) sent invoices out to all ERAC Plan Participants the week of December 7th, 2015. Just a friendly reminder that these invoices are due by March 10, 2016. Please notify us if you have not received your invoice or if your invoice needs to be updated. Payment can be remitted directly to the CPA and acceptable forms ... Read more 
Safety & Quality Update
Ken McMullen - Manager, Safety & Quality Improvement

2016 is shaping up to be a busy year for ERAC in relation to new initiatives, new programs and new training opportunities for our stakeholders, including municipal fire services personnel across Canada... Read more
Spotlight on ERAC's Key Performance Indicators
ERAC's Average Arrival Time by Type of Responder


ERAC's Number of Incidents by Container Type


ERAC's Number of Notifications (non-activated)
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2016 ERAC
Operating Budget