Q2 Newsletter

Volume III, Issue II
June 2015
Message from the President
Spencer Buckland 



These past few months have been busy leading up to a very successful National Training Forum, which saw almost one hundred Remedial Measure Advisors, Technical Advisors, Team Leaders, Rail DGOs and guests from Transport Canada in attendance. My own highlight, besides seeing all of our committed leaders there, was having the privilege to listen to Lieutenant-General The Honorable Roméo Dallaire speak to all of us and share some of his learnings and experiences. What really resonated for me was his statement about "If you remain status quo you are actually falling behind". I also want to take this time to thank all of the other presenters...
In This Issue

Sarnia, ON Response Team

The LPG Response Team located in Sarnia, Ontario has advised ERAC that they will be stepping down as a response team for ERAC as of this summer. The Sarnia team was supported by Imperial Oil, NOVA Chemicals and DOW Chemicals, with Imperial and NOVA supplying the team members... Read more 

LPG Division Update
Don Merriam - Operations Manager, LPG

It was nice seeing all of our Team Members, Response Team Leaders and guests at the National Training Forum in Montreal. We hope the presentations and informal conversations amongst yourselves were informative and that you were able ... Read more

Flammable Liquids Division Update
Patrick Knight - Operations Manager, Flammable Liquids

The 2014-2015 Flammable Liquids Regional Training cycle is coming to an end in July and nearly every team has participated in a Regional Training event. In addition to Regional Training, many Team Leaders attended the successful National Training Forum that was held in May in Montreal. A special thank you... Read more 

Update on SafetySync
Cheryl Dahlager - Manager, Process Services

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully merged the Flammable Liquids and LPG portals into one, called "ERAC". You will now be able to monitor all of your compliance in one portal. The new system is accessible by clicking on the following link...
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Team Members and Committees

Since our last newsletter, we've had some new RMAs join ERAC. We would like to give a warm welcome to Shane Milne from Prince George, BC and Don Holbrook from Barrie, ON. Don is not new to ERAC, but is new to the RMA role... Read more 

RMA Opportunities

We are currently looking for qualified individuals interested in becoming an RMA to join our response capabilities in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon or north) and Northern Alberta (Edmonton, High Prairie or Grande Prairie). If you, or someone you know, would be interested in learning more about becoming an RMA, please contact Don Merriam at (514) 714-1075 or at

Spotlight on
LPG Safety

LPG Emergency Responses to Date in 2015 


0 - Stationary

1 - Rail Car

3 - Tank Truck


4 Total


Spotlight on Flammable Liquids Safety

Flammable Liquids Emergency Responses to Date in 2015


0 - Stationary

3 - Rail Car

0 - Tank Truck


3 Total