Q4 | December 2020
ERAC Q4 2020 Newsletter
President's Message

I’d like to start by expressing my gratitude for all of our stakeholders – Plan Participant members, responders, staff, partners – and your commitment to ERAC during what has been an extraordinary year – possibly the most unusual in most of our working lives.

We could not do what we do without the support of our Plan Participant members – thank you. Despite the circumstances, ERAC continued to grow value-added services in 2020, such as beginning the trial of our ArcGIS Plan Participant portal, offering rail security plans, and holding several high-priority training events safely with first responders and response teams.


New Address for ERAC

ERAC moved offices at the end of September. Please update your address book (digital or paper) to reflect our new home:

Calgary, AB T2P 2X6

New Response Teams

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new response teams to our network. Nucor Environmental Solutions based in Edmonton was assessed and approved for LPG response in October; using the same model we used in Prince George, BC, the response team provides the manpower and ERAC provides the equipment. ERAC has worked collaboratively with Nucor through multiple online and in-person training sessions this year to bring this second team online in Alberta, historically our busiest area for LPG response.

We also added Spartan Response in Stoney Creek, ON as a flammable liquids response team. Although they have not yet run a field assessment due to travel and safety considerations, the equipment and staff have all been assessed. As soon as safely possible, we will complete their assessment with a live product transfer so that they can be added to the call-out list.
Update of Flammable Liquids and LPG ERAPs Underway 

ERAC is in the process of conducting our annual review and update of the flammable liquids and LPG emergency response assistance plans (ERAPs).

One of the changes includes the addition of the response action “hot tapping LPG means of containment.” In March, ERAC was successful in conducting the first hot tap in Canada into a DOT 112 tank car in northern BC. We’ve established a process that includes formal hazard and risk assessments, hot tap procedures, weld procedures for the tank car and for cargo tanks, operator qualification requirement and an awareness video.

Jump on E2 and Rail Security Planning for 2021

As a reminder, for propane suppliers, all your clients with tanks of 4.5 tonnes (2300uswg) and larger require an environmental emergency (E2) plan. ERAC can ensure your clients’ compliance with Environment and Climate Change Canada regulations.

Additionally, Transport Canada requires rail security plans for all facilities that load or unload regulated substances. We’ve confirmed with Transport Canada that our plans meet all requirements and are confident that the rail security plan we create for you will receive approval when Transport Canada inspectors visit your facilities.

Training & Events

2020 wound down with a different strategy for regional training and assessment to keep our technical advisors (TAs) and the response teams safe, and comply with varying restrictions across the country.

Most of our teams were assessed remotely. The team lead provided ERAC with information on hose testing, SCBA bench tests, metre calibrations, etc. Our TAs reviewed all this information to ensure the team’s response equipment was ready for use. Additional online training modules were created and loaded on ERAC’s learning management system, Workhub, for the teams to review rather than in-person training.

In the Spotlight: Propane MM

While actually two teams (Propane MM North and Propane MM South) on paper, the Propane MM response team is a composite team comprised of members from Superior Propane and Propane MM, a Nutrinor Cooperative. This LPG response team made up of 16 response team member, four team leads and two equipment caches, allowing it to respond quickly across a large territory or to respond on two separate incidents at one time.

The equipment is kept in Saint Bruno (Saguenay) and Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, QC, with team members based out of various locations in Quebec: Greater Montreal, Gatineau, Drummondville, Quebec, Saguenay.

January 31 Deadline to
Log in to EOS

Transport Canada has given a deadline of January 31, 2021 to log in to their web-based system called ERAP Online Services (EOS) and resubmit your ERAP regardless of when your ERAP expires.

For ERAC to continue to assist in managing and updating your ERAP, you must add ERAC as a delegated ERAP writer in EOS.

New TRANSCAER Training Car Underway

ERAC is proud to be part of a committee helping with the design and build of the new TRANSCAER training car. This collaboration between industry, carriers and Transport Canada is now well underway.

As the old CCPX 911 had to be retired, there was a desire to make sure that first responders didn’t lose the ability to train on and in an actual railcar.

Thank You 2020 Sponsors!

It's been an unusual year, even with respect to sponsorship, but we'd like to thank the sponsors of the few training events we were able to hold all the same.
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