For over 20 years, the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) has provided year-round, experiential outreach programs that educate and activate the Wood River Valley to become better stewards of the natural world. Our work is not possible without YOU!

Your support makes a difference in the following ways:

Youth Education:  
Every year, the ERC's youth programming impacts the lives of over 2,000 children ranging from pre-k to 12th grade, giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to become the next generation of environmental stewards. Youth programs include: 
  • EcoCamps: Overnight camps where campers engage with flora and fauna to better understand how humans are part of and affect the natural environment. 
  • Youth Collaborations: Environmental programming with local organizations such as the Hunger Coalition, Community Library, I Have a Dream Foundation, BCRD and more! 
  • Growing Great Minds: In-school programs that use environmental education as a means of building critical thinking skills, addressing science and math curriculum standards. 
  • Spring Exploration Series: Six-week program that brings experts from various scientific fields to every 2nd and 3rd grade classroom in Blaine County.
  • Science After School: Six-week programs that engage 4th and 5th graders in hands-on projects that explore natural and environmental topics.
Pesticide Action:  
The ERC is working to reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers in the Wood River Valley. The ERC:
  • Maintains and coordinates education around the Wood River Valley Root Weevil Insectary where knapweed root-boring weevils (insects) are being grown.
  • Monitoring program documenting the effects of non-chemical weed control such as grazing, pulling, mowing and re-seeding.
  • Assists partners in developing and implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices where alternatives are used first and foremost, and chemicals, when used are used in small quantities and as a last resort.
  • Creation of an electronic Green Landscaping Directory: an easy-to-use resource that lists chemical alternatives local landscaping companies offer.
  • Host community outreach events and provide free resources that advocate for the adoption of IPM practices.
Recycling Outreach and Action:  
In collaboration with Blaine County's recycling program, 5B Recycles, the ERC conducts educational outreach on local recycling practices and how to reduce overall waste in Blaine County. The ERC: 
  • Facilitates recycling for community events.
  • Offers a collection site for recyclables including batteries, small electronics and plastic film.
  • Conducts outreach programs that educate the community on recycling trends and how to reduce waste including our longest running program, Clean Sweep where 300 participants collected 1.5 tons of trash, including 700+ lbs along Croy Road!
  • In 2015, the ERC facilitated the recycling of 2.5 tons of materials. That means 5,000 pounds were diverted from the landfill!
PUP (Pick Up for the Planet):   
For over 10 years, the ERC in collaboration with the USFS, BLM, BCRD and other user groups has been working to lessen the aesthetic, environmental and health impacts of unattended dog waste at 16 local trailheads.  
  • Educational signage, dog waste bags and bin servicing are provided at no charge to the community.  
  • Why care about dog waste?
    • It is the third largest cause of water pollution in the U.S.
    • It contains large amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen which encourages rampant algae growth and lowers water quality.
    • Contains parasites and microbes such as e. coli, salmonella and giardia that can be harmful to humans and animals
  • Sponsor a bin individually or with friends at $2,500 for two years with a $1,000/yr renewal rate (customized signage included). Location options include: Oregon Gulch, Chocolate Gulch, Lake Creek East, Adams Gulch and Quigley.
Connecting People to Nature:
Programs that instill in residents and visitors a deep appreciation for our Wood River Valley's natural environment and provide a venue for conversation on important environmental issues.
  • In 2015, the ERC offered more than 25 of these programs and this year, the ERC has already offered the following and more!
    • Winter Tracking Series with Ann Christensen
    • Birding Series with Poo Wright-Pulliam
    • Environmental Book Series with the Community Library
    • Earth Day Meditation and Yoga with Flourish Foundation and the Wood River YMCA
Most of the ERC's programs are offered free of charge to the community.  We could not offer these programs without your generous support, so please
consider a tax-deductible donation today !
You can make a tax deductible donation to:
Environmental Resource Center
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