Voice Your Opinion on the City of Ketchum's Weed Management Program
Seven years ago, the City of Ketchum became a leader in our community when the City C ouncil adopted an Integrated Pest Management policy.  This policy protects the health of our children, pets, wildlife and natural environment from the harmful effects posed by pesticides and herbicides.    
On Monday , July 2,   starting at  5:30pm  at Ketchum City Hall ( 480 East Ave),  the City Council will open up discussion and invite public input on its weed management program.  See the detailed agenda item  here  
Several of the chemicals listed on the agenda item contain glyphosate and 2,4-D. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup.   In 2017, California listed it as "known to cause cancer." In 2020, France will ban it from home gardening.  2,4-D is another commonly used active ingredient in more than 1,500 herbicide products. While the EPA does not recognize it as a "possible carcinogen," in 2015 the World Health Organization confirmed it as such. Several Canadian provinces do not allow its use on lawns and gardens, while Australia has banned several forms of the chemical. 
We need your help  to encourage the Council to continue to be progressive champions in reducing the use of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers. 
In April 2011, the Council unanimously approved the policy and no one spoke in opposition to its  adoption.   Integrated Pest Management considers  non-chemical alternatives first and foremost, and chemicals, when necessary, are used in small quantities and as a last resort.   These strategies focus on long-term solutions to long-term challenges while minimizing risks to people, pets and wildlife. They often include techniques such as biological control (e.g. insects, pathogens, goats), cultural control (e.g. irrigation alterations, planting native species) and mechanical control (e.g. hand-pulling, mowing, mulching). To learn more about why the ERC supports Integrated Pest Management practices, read this guest opinion in the Idaho Mountain Express.
Please join me on Monday and together we can voice our desire for the City to continue its leadership in the elimination of dangerous chemicals and celebrate its ongoing commitment to the health, vitality, and sustainability of our community.
Can't make the meeting? No problem. Send your thoughts in an email to Mayor Bradshaw, Councilwomen Amanda Breen and Courtney Hamilton and Councilmen Jim Slanetz and Michael David before Monday, July 2.
With gratitude, 
Hadley DeBree
ERC Executive Director
Thank you for your support of the ERC! 

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