Below are photos of the rescues during the month of November, 2017. These lucky donkeys, mules and horses will now be able to celebrate the holiday with their new families thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors and the commitment from our followers.

All those below have been adopted with the exception of 2 riding-mules. I think it may take more time for me to convince others of the true value of a good riding mule. Since I am now over 50 and growing tired of riding "Fire-Breathing-Dragons", I find the quiet nature of mules refreshing. They appear to have the athleticism of a horse and the brains of a donkey. I recently wondered could mules be just like horses only better ?

These 4 mules have been to the dark side. Their last owner was a killbuyer who intended to ship them to Mexico. Their ears have been pulled and they have been herded with electric cattle prods. They arrived here, scared to death but quickly learned that I was nothing to fear. Now all 4 follow me around the paddock like ducklings hoping that I will put down the pitchfork and give them the attention they most clearly deserve!

I will keep you posted on my adventures with the mules. In the meantime.... You may download our mobile app (Equine Rescue Network) or follow the links below:

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The wall provides a chance to showcase all of those who helped make so many lives possible in 2017. This year, Equine Rescue Network saved 170+ from slaughter. Our success is due to people like you who have helped save horses, donkeys and mules from slaughter.    


The wall is simple: click above on 'Add My Donation', upload a photo and tell your story, then give a small donation to help save more lives during the cold winter months ahead.

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Thank You!
Still waiting for the pregnant donkey to foal. Watch and wait for the last addition to join the rescued donkeys on "Donkey Hill"