Below are some photos of lives made possible in May 2017 - Thanks to the generous support of Equine Rescue Network's followers.
    Donkey Clinic
By the time the donkeys we save find their way to the killpens, they typically have endured abuse and are mentally scarred and very scared. As a result, some adopters decide against their donkey because their donkey appeared unfriendly and depressed.  So we scheduled a clinic to teach adopters and volunteers how to make fast-friends with donkeys. We took a group of unhandled donkeys that ran scared from people on Saturday and after being haltered, handled and hugged on Sunday, they were lined up at the fence for Monday morning "Nose Check" 
Donkey Walks
The "MiniTherapy" Team of Rescued Donkeys at the Service Dog Project have been hard at work.  The share their love on Sundays at the weekly "Sunday Stew" and go on "Donkey Walks" with the crowd on the first Sunday of every month.  

We have discovered walking with Donkeys through the woods is therapeutic.  We are committed to promoting donkeys as an alternative method for relaxation and appreciation of life, love and nature.  

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  Donkey Derby
We recently discovered that donkeys can  be more than just companions when we saw the "Pack Burro Races".  ERN volunteers will be working to start the first ever "Donkey Derby" as a modified pack burro race.  Stay tuned for more details.  
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