Meet Ms. Moe
Moe was rescued in February and employed in April as a valued member of the   "MiniTherapy" Team - despite that she is NOT A MINI.  

Moe entertains elderly, give rides to disabled, and joins the Donkey Walks at the Service Dog Project.  

Stay tuned as we discover more of the hidden treasures of Ms. Moe.

April 2017 Summary
  • ERN rescued 7 donkeys, 3 mules and 4 more horses.  
  • We have been very busy coordinating quarantine, rehab and rehoming of the 60+ horses and donkeys we rescued in 2017.  
  • Thanks to a very efficient team of volunteers we have only 1 horse and 1 mini mule in MA that need homes, and 4 donkeys and 2 horses in Virginia that need homes.
  • ERN now offers RETIREMENT homes to horses that need a soft-landing in Virginia at a 90 acre field with several run-in shelters and running streams.  Paradise for any equine. 
  • We finished our Mobile APP
  • ERN is now in the process of redesigning our website to include a localized search to find an equine rescue or auction by ZipCode.    
  12 Mini Mules
The 12 mini mules from the killpen in Bastrop, LA. were rescued safely delivered to other non-profits in Arizona, North Carolina and two came to the quarantine in Boxford, Massachusetts.
 ERN is a Registered 501c3
Tax ID 35-2384830  

 Update on the Crash Horses
the survivors of the March 1, 2017 slaughter truck crash are all fully recovered with the exception of ONE who was injured and subsequently retired.  Below are some current photos of the horses.
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