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ERSO Receiving Pilot
In 2016, the Research Administration improvement project started working on a series of process improvements for Research Administration to  improve the campus purchasing experience .   As part of that work, Supply Chain Management is releasing a pilot project designed to reduce the amount of work required to purchase and pay for most common types of purchases.

Your regional support team has volunteered to participate in the pilot program purchasing process over the next two months starting August 28th. We are grateful for your department's willingness to support continuous improvement efforts in BearBuy Procure to Pay solutions. We are reaching out to you and other members of your department directly to ensure that you have information about the scope of the changes as well as background and training materials to understand and efficiently use BearBuy. We hope that these changes to the BearBuy workflow approval steps listed below will enable you to purchase and pay for goods and services more quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact the project manager or your Regional Support team with any questions or feedback.

To begin, you can review this quick tutorial which will guide you through the required steps .

The revised BearBuy P2P program will:
  • Decrease Turnaround time for Low Value-Low Risk Orders (contracts and catalogs up to $5,000 and non-contracted goods and services up to $1,000)
  • by allowing Shoppers to directly place orders for 85% of all purchases.
  • bypasses PR Creator and Requisition Org Node Approval
  • Auto-approve low value invoices (Two Way Matching PO-Invoice without manual Voucher Approval)
  • Require Receiving only for high value or high risk transactions (the remaining 15% of transactions) (Three Way Matching: Purchase Order-Receipt-Invoice)
Departments will still be able to:
  • Use CF1 and CF2 approvers to approve transactions regardless of dollar value
  • Use Adhoc approvers at will
  • Allow users to manually route low value orders to buyers if needed (Buyer Intervention)
  • Receive low value goods or services if desired
There will be no changes to:
  • Payment Request Processes
  • Subaward Processes
  • After the Fact Processes

With more than 3,000 unique users working in BearBuy every month, we know that we cannot personally speak directly with every user. This limitation makes your feedback critical to improving daily procurement activities at Berkeley. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the BearBuy Support staff or your regional lead with your experiences. Our Solutions team will also be working closely with your Regional Group to monitor the pilot's success and refine process and communications for BearBuy purchasing. Again, thank you for participating and providing useful feedback about your experiences. You can add your ideas here on our Receiving Survey form: https://ucbreceipt.page.link/bCK1


David Triebwasser, BearBuy Solutions Manager and Project Manager
Jennifer Stone, Director B&FS, ERSO
Alice Wong, ERSO Team Regional Lead