March 7, 2023

There's More?
It's an Action Packed week. Stand up for a stronger East Metro when we get beside our counterparts in Maplewood on Wed - support an effective Purple Line Bus Rapid Transit project that responds to the community. Then Public Safety's in the fast lane at East Side Connect! A Safer East Side on Thursday, where we'll have special guests from St. Paul Area Chamber (and a promise that Brooke Lee will join us for a future step). Then, round off the fun by rounding up everyone you know as the ESABA Board joins forces with the American Legion for the unquenchable return of the ESABA Annual Fish Fry - March 10th. It's been 3 long years of Fish Freedom. I'd say we have a lot of making up to do. Make it a date?

But wait... March is off with a roar!
New Member Monday: Roots Cafe - Welcome Aboard!
AND New ESABA Sponsor: Energy Smart!
New Member Monday! On a Tuesday... Roots Cafe!

One of the most recent additions to ESABA is Roots Cafe - a youth-run coffee shop located within Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center. Read more... by our Metro State New Media Interns.
ESABA Annual Fish Fry Returns - Hmm. How old is that baby now?

We've all been through the mill since we last Fish Fried - (it was 2019!)... let's get together and take stock. If we're lucky we'll see this family return and get you an updated snapshot of the Fish Fry Kid. Wha? The kid is doing calculus now?... Don't miss the fun this Friday!

We've done a lot of work on topics like the one pictured above on De-escalation Training for Businesses. This East Side Connect! will begin the conversation for this year: what Public Safety issues should we focus on this year? We'll talk with new Director of Public Policy Amanda Duerr from SPACC to tap into their ongoing work on Public Safety.
"Dedicated guideway transit like the Purple Line attracts investment as well as riders - that equals nicer corridors and more shoppers." Help tell Maplewood we'll share that bounty with them too. Let's all get on this one together.

Connect with Paris to see how you can combine the services of BizRecycling and our Preferred Hauler Deal to maximize savings on your solid waste bill. Nobody should be paying more than they need to. ESABA members, that means you. Click the BizRecycling logo below to learn more about how to get started.

Mar 8 - Maplewood City Council - Purple Line

Mar 9 - East Side Connect! - Public Safety Top of Mind - cohosted with Anchor Paper

Mar 10 - Fish Fry! ESABA & Arcade Legion

Mar 23 - East Side Coffee Break - ESABA @ IDEAL Printers

If you have employment opportunities and need help getting the word out, connect with Paris.
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