May 23, 2023

We often don't feel heard. Sometimes in a world of constant communication, it's difficult to find the disconnect. Here comes another chance to get a read out. But you've got to show to SHOW UP. Thursday come talk with Mayor Carter about priorities and the Budget. We'll gather for an extended Coffee Break with Urban Roots and the Mayor to network and talk about the choices we need to make for our City and all we can accomplish together. What can we say, we want more and we expect the best. Let's help the Mayor get a clear picture of what we see on the East Side. RSVP now.

May 25th Coffee Break -
Mayor Carter and Urban Roots! An hour to network at Rivoli Bluffs Farm and then an hour to sit down and use the budget simulation to give some feedback. Join us at the working farm site at Rivoli Bluffs. And wear those shoes good for uneven ground. You can tell your boss, ESABA said so. RSVP Now!
Featured left is is how fun it was last time. Come and learn about the process, hear from the Mayor, and talk about your priorities on the East Side. This a great opportunity to raise our voices and help the City see a little more of what we see from our vantage point.

Don't miss this!
ESABA is taking part in this awesome event this year. Learn more about how and get ready. More details on our website and coming soon.
"Wakaŋ Tipi Awaŋyankapi (pronounced Wah-KAHN TEE-pee Ah-WAHN-yahn-gah-pee) means "The ones who care for/look after Wakaŋ Tipi". And that is what we do. All of our work emanates from this place of power - and our major responsibility is to care for this sacred site. This name tells the world that we are Dakota-led, because the name is in the Dakota language. It also ties us to place and keeps us grounded in our core responsibility. Finally, it reminds us that nothing we do here can happen in a good way without maintaining an active relationship with our cultural ways." - Executive Director, Maggie Lorenz
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East 7th - Cook, Baker, Produce Clerk
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