March 24, 2020
COVID-19 and ESAs
Sharing Resources from ESAs Nationwide
As we receive resources from ESAs, we are posting them to our online platform, AESA Community, where they will be available to you 24/7 in one location!
Current resources in the AESA Community:

  • Web page from Region 4, Texas

  • Remote workers policies

  • List of webinars sponsored by CESA 6, Wisconsin

  • Recorded webinar (also below) from Microsoft

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Business Partners Sharing Resources:
Recorded Webinar
How to Implement Remote Learning During a Pandemic

Recorded Thursday, March 19, 2020

Watch it below.
Free Webinar


Tuesday, March 24, 2020
2 pm Eastern (1 pm Central; 12 Noon Mountain; 11 am Pacific)

Nearly all schools have closed their buildings and campuses to contain the spread of coronavirus. As a result, the entire industry is rapidly adopting online and remote learning models. For over 22 years, schools have trusted ClassLink to deliver online learning. Wanting to help schools transition to e-learning models in 90 minutes, we created ClassLink Lite and are delivering it to schools through our partnership with AESA.

In this webinar, learn how ESAs can help schools make the switch with:

  • Access - Single Sign-on gives students and staff instant access to all their online resources from one location and on any device.
  • Analytics - Ensure teachers and students remain engaged when remote learning days are in effect.
  • My Files - Simplify remote access to school folders and files. Bring together your school network and cloud storage into one location including Google Drive, O365, and Dropbox.


TODAY, March 24

As early as 75 years ago, ESAs have been guiding and supporting schools through both successful and difficult times. That leadership is especially critical during challenges like what schools face today.

Please join this webinar to learn how your ESA can help local districts improve remote learning through an easy to use, and now, easy to activate, single sign-on portal with analytics

For more information, see this
PRESS RELEASE  from ClassLink.
Staying Connected to Each Other - Remotely!
These are unprecedented times. Educators have once again stepped up to assure our nation's children are safe, educated, and fed. Thank you for all you do for our educators and our students. I'm sure these past few weeks have been chaotic at best.

We are truly better together. Let's stick together but not too close! We invite you to use AESA's online platform called AESA COMMUNITY to privately connect, ask questions, and keep that very important social distancing too. AESA's COMMUNITY is so important - now more than ever.

Also, AESA continues to plan for summer and fall events. We will keep you updated when we know if anything changes. So please register and we will alert you if we must cancel or change our plans! You won't lose out.

Most importantly, please take care of yourselves as you care for your staff and our nation's children. We are a group of people who pretty easily roll with the punches. Still, perhaps this is one of those times when a little extra time for you would be a great idea! Let us know if we can help in any way.

Joan H. Wade, EdD
AESA Executive Director
The first e-Classroom is March 26!
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Summer Leadership Conference
July 20-23, 2020
Hilton Nashville Downtown
Registration open.
Educators' Call to Action Conference
September 28-30 2020
Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
AESA Annual Conference
December 2-5, 2020
Hilton Orlando, Florida