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FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Why do stars shine?

Intense pressure and extreme heat at the core of a star allow nuclear fusion reactions to take place, releasing an enormous amount of energy in the form of gamma rays.

Aside from the physics lesson, this process also describes our Rising Star students. The intense pressure, life altering events, that they have not only endured but embraced, make them shine brighter with each day.

Two of these young ladies spent much of their youth in the hospital. Their health battles will be life long, but their experience inspired them to create a foundation that spreads sunshine to others through gift baskets and to raise awareness and funding for research of rare afflictions.

Three of our stars truly shine through their leadership skills and compassion. They have discovered that challenges are opportunities for personal growth and an open door for helping others succeed as well.

Two of our stars are what many of us know as Dreamers. They were brought to the U.S. at a young age as their families sought a better life. And now they are caught in the middle of the immigration issues that our government is attempting to sort out. Their future is uncertain as what they have known their home to be has not been legally solidified. Through their tears, they bravely shared their hopes and dreams to be citizens of the country they have grown to love.

The event was lived streamed on Facebook by our friends at the Times Advocate. If you have a chance to see it, you will be inspired by these Rising Stars...and dare I say, challenged as well.


Rorie Johnston
About the Rising Star
´╗┐Students of the Month program.

Our mission is to bring the community together to honor local high school seniors for demonstrating character, integrity, love of learning, involvement in school and community activities and/or ability to overcome challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. These are students who make a difference in their home, school and community with sincerity and passion.

Each student is eligible to apply for a RISING STAR scholarship, which has been generously provided by local businesses and organizations who believe in investing in our youth.

To find out more about RISING STAR, go to http://escondidochamber.org/risingstar/
February 2018 Rising Stars
Alma Perez, Escondido HS / Joseline Sanchez, Del Lago Academy / Maria Martinez, Orange Glen HS / Michael Megna, Escondido Charter HS / Jesus Cardenas, Valley HS / Sydney Pollard, San Pasqual HS / Mackenzie Zorn, Classical Academy
Bellamy's Restaurant

February 21, 2018 | 11:30AM - 1PM
Hosted by Jenny Dicorato
J & M's Family Restaurant

February 23, 2018 | 7:15AM - 9AM
Speaker: David Zumaya
The hometown newspaper of Escondido, California

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Bring Home the Crown
Ashley Grncarevski has truly enjoyed her time as Miss Escondido Princess prompting her to look into representing her City further in the America Miss California Teen Pageant (Jr. division). She was recently selected to represent the City of Escondido and will attend on June 23-24 in LA. She hopes to bring back the title to her City to continue working with the Chamber and help mentor the local title holders.

She has worked so hard this year. From collecting backpacks and supplies for underprivileged children to feeding the homeless, making blankets for the seniors at Redwood Terrace and helping at the Escondido Humane Society "Clear the Shelter" event.

Ashley will be receiving the 2018 Youth Award at this years State of the City Address on Wednesday February 28th. She looks forward to proudly representing the local pageant and the Chamber of Escondido.
Deadline nears for 2018-19 Palomar Promise
Act now...deadline to advertise is March 1st.