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February 5 , 2020
February Education Committee  Meeting
EUSD 4th Annual State of the District Address
California Center for the Arts

Monday, February 10th 8:30am - 10:00am

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February Economic
Measure A:
"No on SOS"
"Yes on SOS"

Thursday, February 13th 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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Classical Academy
Open House
February 4th, 5th, & 6th
February 12th & 13th

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Del Lago Academy 2020 Internship Program
Starts February 2020

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EDD Federal/State Payroll Tax Seminar
February 12th

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SBDC Meet The Buyers
Thursday, February 13th
8:30am - 12:30pm

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Have A Heart For PAL
Friday, February 21st
5:00pm - 9:00pm

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This week's column is something different. I want to share this piece and credit the author David Smythe.
3 Types of People to Surround Yourself With
I believe there are three elements of an effective leader we should all try to adopt and build upon: inspired, excited, and grateful. We may find it hard at times to maintain these characteristics, especially if we aren't careful on who we surround ourselves with. On the other hand, if we seek to spend more of our time with people who are inspired, excited, and grateful, we can strengthen these same things within ourselves.
With that in mind, here is how to identify these three types of people:
  The Inspired
We have all been inspired by thought leaders, risk takers, those that succeed, those that fail, entrepreneurs, and those that set an example that we find admirable and that impress us. Those that inspire us are like a bright light. It is shining consistently, and when we step into the light and see and understand what they are projecting, they can't help but brighten our own light by their example and motivation.
The Excited
Ever witnessed the energy of an auctioneer, a little league player that hits a home run, or the reaction of someone to whom you delegated a task and did a great job, and you acknowledged it? Excited! While being excited cannot be an 8-5 state of mind, it is an ingredient that is in great leadership DNA.
To be excited, and to share it respectfully is truly a gift that is usually well received from the person that observed your excitement and now shares it with you. 
 The Grateful
Being grateful is a gift that is given, earned, shared, and clearly beneficial to us all. Often, we do not show or verbalize our gratefulness as much as we should. It is a feeling of thankfulness that, when shared, all benefit. Being grateful is not just for the large, impactful moments, but also for the smaller moments which can qualify to be life changing impressions. What may be a small thing to one person could have a large impact for another.
In Conclusion...
We each own the privilege to choose who we surround ourselves with in our personal and professional lives.
On your journey in leadership and management of Associations and Organizations you will cross paths with those that will inspire you, excite you and share their gratefulness. You will also cross paths with those that do not. Wish them well and move on.
Remember who you surround yourself with is your choice, and when you add their light to your light, the brightness is amplified and so are two more lives.

Lead on my friends, lead on.
Finally, last week's poll results: The most common answer to "What new business would you like to see in Escondido?" was "Restaurants that are open seven days a week and that cater to families and teens."

And t his week's poll question (click on the question to vote) Did You Watch or Listen to the State of the Union Address?

Cheers ,

James Rowten (JR)
February Business After 5 Mixer
Ribbon Cutting
Thursday, February 13th
4:30pm - 7:00pm
Swami's Cafe - Escondido

Please join us as we kickoff 2020 with our first Business After 5 Mixer at Swami's Cafe - Escondido...and conduct their official
Ribbon Cutting! 

Swami's Cafe is a family owned restaurant that creates some of the best food in San Diego, and they're extremely good at creating a special dining experience. Swami's combines a unique menu, a great atmosphere and a friendly staff that  serves the most authentic and fresh dishes while offering the best customer service.
We hope you can join us and the Swami's team for a great evening of networking and amazing food!
        Chris Cochran, Marketing & Development Director

        Tina Inscoe, Membership Executive

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