March 08.17 
Economic Development Committee Meeting
Join us for the Economic Development Committee meeting, Thursday, March 9, at noon. 
Our guests are Michelle Geller and Michael Strong from the City of Escondido, Economic Develop. 
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Rorie Johnston  

Today is International Women's Day. And since I am a woman, I think it is appropriate to give my personal reflections. 

Having grown up with four brothers, I always felt comfortable in a "man's world", minus the locker room talk. I value hard work, the ability to figure things out and creativity. I like a challenge and am always exploring new things. 

I have not pursued "Women's Issues" in association with any organization and I would never label myself as an activist or feminist. However, I do value the road that has been paved for women in this country. We enjoy many freedoms that other women around the world do not, like the ability to pursue an education, to drive our own car, to walk about freely and to speak for ourselves. Things that we all too often take for granted.  

Yes, I have encountered people who have a misconception about my abilities because I am a woman, but those have been few, and I simply choose to consider the source and move on. It is because of the opportunities that I have seized that has brought me to this place in my life, and I will continue to cease such opportunities. 

If I were to speak from one woman to another, this is what I would say:
  • Recognize that what you think about yourself and others will hold you back more than any person ever can.
  • Be adventurous! Say "I will try before you say "I can't."
  • Surround yourself with people who see your potential and will help you develop to your fullest. 
  • Understand that you do not have to know everything. Even if you do know the answer, practice listening and letting others speak first. You will learn more than you thought you knew. But, don't be afraid to speak, even if the answer is "I don't know, but I would like to learn more."
  • Embrace criticism and don't take it personally. It is the best opportunity to grow. If someone is taking the time to give you advice, it is because they care about you. However, you will encounter the perpetual critic. Thank them for there feedback and move on! 
BTW, I am still reaching for my potential...

Rorie Johnston
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Gail Cecchettini Whaley

Starting March 1, 2017, all single-user toilet facilities in any business establishment, place of public accommodation or government agency must be identified as "all-gender" toilet facilities. The law authorizes inspectors or other building or local officials responsible for code enforcement to inspect for compliance ( Health and Safety Code sec. 118600 ).  The recent White House action to rollback restroom protections for transgender students is unrelated to the restroom signage requirement for California businesses.

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Escondido Union School District Supt. Luis-Rankins-Ibarra Monday gave the district's first ever "State of the District" address since taking the district's reins in 2014. It was upbeat and optimistic while recognizing the many challenges that the district faces, chief among them: declining enrollment, aging facilities, poverty among the great majority of its students, and less than stellar test scores.  School Board President Zesty Harper said, "As a board member, it is our honor to work with such an amazing and dedicated staff that are all about serving all of the kids of this community."

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