April 19, 2017
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Rorie Johnston  
It just occurred to me today, that we have 4 generations on staff at the chamber. From our "Greatest and Silent" volunteer to the newest employee, "Gen Y", with a "Baby Boomer" and a "Gen X" completing the magnificent four. 

Needless to say, the following excerpt from WEBLINK international struck a cord. The responsibility of engaging Young Professionals is from the perspective of the more "mature" professional on down to the millennials. 

There are four parts, which I will share over the next month.  

Challenge 1/4
Value Proposition of Networks
Business professionals have historically joined associations for the increased number of  networking opportunities. However, young professionals do not value networks for the same  reasons as their predecessors, the Baby Boomers.
Numbers alone don't count.
Young professionals cut their teeth on social media. They arrive in the business world with large social networks, and they are not easily impressed by how many members you have available for networking. They need to be convinced that you will help them leverage their networks.
  • Offer expertise. Although they have very large networks, Millennials mostly network with their peers. Peers often lack the industry expertise needed to provide leverage over the competition. Involve industry experts at events, start a mentoring program and/or an online forum to demonstrate value for young professionals in your network.
  • Be online. Compared to their predecessors, younger generations spend a disproportionate amount of time online. Meet them where they are and provide a multitude of services in the digital realm. Social networking on the internet allows young members to connect with your association and members in a way that is comfortable for them.
  • Go green. Appeal to their sense of social responsibility, and they will become your greatest advocates. Millennials want to make a difference in the world. Set up advocacy opportunities, invite them to volunteer not only for causes, but also for committees and the Board. Going green, or advocating for social responsibility, is a win-win proposition for both your association and your members.
However you are engaging with multiple generations, embrace the differences. 

Rorie Johnston
Special Lunch Bunch
May 4th
11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Orange Glen High School

Orange Glen High School offers a dynamic culinary arts program, complete with a state of the art kitchen facility. Students learn many levels of cooking including international cuisine, pastry making and restaurant management. 

A few times each year, the students prepare and serve a restaurant quality meal for school staff and select community members. The Escondido Chamber has been invited to enjoy lunch served by the Culinary Arts students on May 4th. Seats are limited and RSVPs are needed by April 26. Lunch is $10.00 + tip. 

Take Advantage of your Chamber Membership
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Chamber Master is the best way to connect with other Chamber Members as well as other people in the community. Use this online tool to manage your information in the Chamber's directory, promote your "hot deals", and post job openings for your company. If you do not have a Chamber Master login please email

San Diego Union Tribune
Mike Freeman

Two small San Diego County TV broadcasters have agreed to sell their airwave licenses to wireless operators following a Federal Communications Commission's incentive auction that wrapped up last week.  UCSD -TV, run by UC San Diego, inked a deal to sell its low-power broadcast spectrum for $24 million to the FCC, which in turn sold it to  T-Mobile  to enhance its mobile network.

Steven Greenhut

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislators are pitching a transportation-tax proposal they depict as the only means to fix California's crumbling roads, freeways and bridges. One would be hard pressed to find any policy maker in California who doesn't bemoan the state of the state's infrastructure, but the question always revolves around how to pay for it, and Republicans complain there are other ways to fix the current mess.

How to fund infrastructure fixes: Tax hikes or rearranging spending priorities?
Times Advocate
News Desk

A few days after a prominent Escondido resident spoke passionately at a city council meeting about a homeless encampment behind the police and fire headquarters, officers moved to clear the area of both brush and the homeless. New homeless population estimates are due to be released this week, but last year's population estimate was about 532. 

City moves against homeless encampment behind police H.Q.
Annual Dinner 
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rancho comp netw


The 107th Annual Installation and Awards dinner is right around the corner! 
Enjoy an evening of entertainment and fine dining as we celebrate excellence in Escondido.

Reservation & Sponsorship requested by May 29. Complete your nominations by  April 21.  For reservations, sponsorship, and nomination information click here
Grand Ave Festival
May 21

Just over one month away from the bi-annual Grand Ave Festival. If you're interested in the Grand Ave Festival or Banner advertising click  here!
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