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MAY 23, 2018
A Tax on Water?
Be sure to watch Channel 10 or KUSI news tonight for a Water Tax Press Conference with opening comments from Supervisor Kristin Gaspar and reports from water agency leaders and stakeholder groups county wide.

The press conference was organized by the San Diego County Water Authority with Board Chair, Mark Muir. 
New Electric Buses to Serve Local Transit Riders
Local public transit buses are going electric - which means zero emission, and that will help reduce pollution and clean the air we all breathe.
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) recently announced that it has received state funding to buy 11 electric buses to serve  its proposed  Rapid
Route 925, which will operate between the Otay Mesa Transit Center and Imperial Beach and provide a direct connection to the Trolley Blue Line.
In addition to MTS, North County Transit District also recently announced plans to  buy electric buses to replace diesel ones in its fleet.
Escondido Public Library Presents Endless Exploration 2018 Summer Reading Challenge
Escondido Public Library's 2018 Summer Reading Challenge invites children, teens, and adults to "Endless Exploration." The Challenge, which runs from June 9, 2018 to July 28, 2018, includes special events and celebrates reading for all ages. Participants log reading online at http://www.escondidolibrary.org/summer. Anyone can take part in the program from home, on a mobile device, or by using Library computers.Summer readers of all ages earn prizes donated by the Friends of the Library and local businesses.
Workforce Partnership Special Announcement
Effective July 1, 2018 , all San Diego County career centers f unded by the San Diego Workforce Partnership (SDWP) will be operated by KRA Corporation.  The career centers are the frontline community-based locations for helping San Diegans who are looking for work-offering workshops, job search assistance and many other resources at no cost to all San Diego County job seekers, regardless of income or background.  To streamline and align workforce development services around the county, SDWP decided to consolidate career center operations down to a single provider. Through a competitive application and bid process, KRA Corporation, which has served San Diego job seekers since 2012, was selected to operate the entire system moving forward.

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Rorie Johnston
Keeping you informed is one of the duties that we take seriously, especially when it comes to bills that, if passed, will have a direct impact on your business. 
Below are the "Job Killer Bills" that are being tracked by the California Chamber of Commerce. 

Friday, May 25 is the deadline for the appropriations committees to either pass or hold the bills.  
Several job killers already have been placed on the suspense files of the Assembly or Senate Appropriations committees pending a review of the bills' fiscal impact. Others await committee action.

Action Needed

Contact your Assembly and Senate representatives to urge that these bills be left on the Appropriations Committee suspense file if the bills are already there, or sent to the suspense file because they are costly job killers that will damage the California economy if they become law.

The following bills are set in the Assembly Appropriations Committee:
  • AB 1902  (Levine; D-San Rafael) Interference with Contracts  Discourages and reduces "personal service contracts" as defined, by unfairly increasing the contract price for these services based upon an undefined and unspecified "area income" rate that presumably will include wages from different industries and different occupations that are not comparable to personal services.  It also provides the Department of Industrial Relations with extraordinary authority to value companies, determine "similar services" to be included under the provisions of this bill, and what constitutes "area income."   
  • AB 2069  (Bonta; D-Oakland) Medical Marijuana in Employment 
    Undermines employer's ability to provide a safe and drug-free workplace by requiring employers to provide a reasonable accommodation to employees who use marijuana for a disability or medical purposes, exposing employers to costly and unnecessary litigation under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) whenever the employer terminates an employee who has created a safety hazard in the workplace. 
  • AB 2384  (Arambula; D-Kingsburg) Increases Health Care Premiums - Increases health care premiums by mandating medication-assisted treatment for substance disorders and by eliminating all quality control and cost containment mechanisms.  
  • AB 2613  (Reyes; D-Grand Terrace) Wage Statement Penalties -   Imposes another layer of Labor Code penalties for wage and hour violations in addition to the penalties already available under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) and imposes personal liability onto employees who have no control over the actual payment of wages. 
  • (Gonzalez Fletcher; D-San Diego) Ban on Settlement Agreements and Arbitration Agreements -  Significantly expands employment litigation and increases costs for employers and employees by banning settlement agreements for labor and employment claims as well as arbitration agreements made as a condition of employment, which is likely preempted under the Federal Arbitration Act and will only delay the resolution of claims. Banning such agreements benefits the trial attorneys, not the employer or employee.  
  • (Kalra; D-San Jose) JOB KILLER: Health Care Price Controls - 
    Jeopardizes employers' negotiating power and access to care, ignores the drivers of health care costs, and adds another layer of bureaucracy by creating an appointed commission to impose price controls on health care providers and insurers. Assembly Appropriations Committee. 

Awaiting action on the Senate side are:


  • SB 1121 (Dodd; D-Napa) Increased Consumer Litigation 
    Removes the requirement of economic injury for standing to bring a claim in California against a company for a data breach, undermining the intent of voters, and drastically increasing liability for companies without providing any corresponding benefit to California consumers.  
  • SB 1284  (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) Disclosure of Company Pay Data Unfairly requires California employers to submit pay data to the Department of Industrial Relations creating a false impression of wage discrimination or unequal pay where none exists and, therefore, subjecting employers to unfair public criticism, enforcement measures, and significant litigation costs to defend against meritless claims.  
    Senate Appropriations Suspense File.
  • (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) Removes Legal Standing and Prohibits Release of Claims - Significantly increases litigation by removing the standing requirement for a plaintiff alleging failure to prevent harassment or discrimination when no harassment even occurs, limits the use of severance agreements, and prohibits the use of a general release or non-disparagement clause in employer/employee contracts.  
This bill tracking information is from the California Chamber of Commerce. The Escondido Chamber of Commerce is a member of  Cal Chamber. With the voice of our members and the advocacy of the Cal Chamber, our elected officials will have a better understanding of the direct affect these bills have on the ability to have a thriving business in the state of California. 
Rising Stars of the Year 
The Escondido Chamber of Commerce awarded twelve $1,000.00 scholarships to the following high school seniors. Congratulations!
Front Row (L-R)  
Elba Morales - Escondido HS
Sarah Reyes Luna - San Pasqual HS
Joseline Sanchez - Del Lago Academy
Karely Amaya Rios, Orange Glen HS
Rusbelia Beltran - Valley HS
Sophia Mittman - Classical Academy

Back Row (L-R)

Jorge Soberanis - Escondido HS
Erik Cisneros Arellano - Orange Glen HS
Reignmarc Lariosa - Del Lago Academy
Elian Gaona - Valley HS
Victor Torres - Escondido Charter HS
Michael Megna - Escondido Charter HS
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