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In her June 14 message, President and CEO Rorie Johnston shared highlights of the Chamber's 107TH Annual Installation and Awards Dinner.  I thought sharing my speech as the incoming Chairman of the Board a good way to begin our conversation for the New Year.
The full text of my speech is reprinted below:

The Escondido Chamber of Commerce is stronger than ever and we have ALL good news for our members and supporters.  The Chamber's Board of Directors is a balanced mix of experienced, proven leaders and new voices with fresh ideas.  To paraphrase a quote from an experienced leader in our audience "The Chamber is connecting business people who care with business causes that matter"  Thank you Jack. 

Let me introduce a few members of Our team:  Mona Durney of Rancho Computer Networks is a successful business woman and philanthropist, you may know her from her work with Carols by Candlelight supporting Rady Children's Hospital. Mona will watch over the Chambers finances.  We will run a balanced budget and every program will be evaluated with three key criteria: Member benefit, profit and people.  Not only will the program benefit our members but the program will pay for itself and include the work force.  The Economic Development Committee is an excellent example of partnering an experienced leader and a new voice with fresh ideas with Ernie Cowan, North San Diego County Association of Realtors and Matt Pound, Escondido Sand & Gravel.  Tom Stamos, Escondido Realty and Express Realty will Chair the Government Affairs Committee.  Each month Chamber members can attend a meeting and connect with a representative for our Senator, Congressman, State Assembly member, District Supervisor and City Council - and you will usually find Escondido's Mayor in attendance as well.  Our immediate Past Chairwoman, Linda Bailey, Community Strategies Group Inc. is an inspiration for all of us as an example of how to overcome adversity  and Linda will continue to work with me and our Board to help mold the future of the Chamber.  Kristen Steinke, attorney with Lounsbery, Ferguson, Altona & Peak LLP is our Chair-Elect. Kristen (who will soon deliver her second child) has helped originate and develop a new generation of leaders with the Young Professionals group. This has also created an exciting power partnering of several Board members - Kristen, Matt and Judy Fitzgerald, Crossfit Xsytum. Chamber Leaders. Our future is very bright!  Our newest additions to the Board include another experienced leader, Jerry Vanleeuwun, Executive Director California Center for the Arts Escondido and new voice, Meagan Baker, from Printing Solutions. 

I once was told when it comes to planning "You can't tell which way the train went by looking at the tracks"  It is good to know your history, but make today count and you will never need worry of the future.  Today we stand on the shoulders of all those who have served before, many who remain strong Chamber supporters.  Would all of the Past Chairs in attendance please stand.  Jack Raymond, Marv Gilbert, Linda Bailey, Carl Skaja, Tina Pope, Constance Larsen, Sam Abed, Fred Baranowski, John Masson, Dave Ferguson, Erick Altona and Brian Murphy That is an impressive list and I am truly humbled to a part of this thriving, significant organization.  Thank you Rorie, our President CEO, Chamber staff Claudine & Phillip and our own volunteer of the YEARS, Kitty Aeling - a truly wonderful Chamber workface.

Best wishes to all for a fabulous Chamber year!


Kevin S Svetich CLU
News Desk


The outlook for inflation and the future of financial stability are emerging as dueling concerns at the heart of a debate at the U.S. central bank over how fast to proceed on future interest-rate hikes.  That is a change from years past, where high unemployment was at the top of the Federal Reserve's worry list for the U.S. economy. But with the U.S. unemployment rate now at 4.3 percent, most Fed officials are now convinced that nearly all Americans who want jobs can and do get them. That is a main reason the Fed last week raised its target range for short-term interest rates for the second time this year, even though recent inflation readings have drifted away from the Fed's 2-percent target, confounding expectations based on history and theory.

Governor Jerry Brown
Los Angeles Times
John Myers

California lawmakers gave final approval Thursday to a $183.2-billion state budget, a plan that broadly boosts government spending while also continuing the recent effort to build up cash reserves.  Both houses of the Legislature ratified the spending blueprint after completing negotiations earlier in the week with Gov.  Jerry Brown . While most of the budget was put in place during  Thursday's lengthy floor sessions  in the state Senate and Assembly, a handful of related bills won't be considered until later.  Brown is expected to sign the plan into law before the new fiscal year begins on July 1.

Fire Marshall Al Dobynes
Fire Marshall Al Dobynes
David Ross

Alphonso Dobynes (he prefers "Al") performed a variety of jobs for the city before landing at his current post of Escondido Fire Marshal, a position he assumed on March 26.  A fire marshal's job may not be as sexy and exciting, in a "Bay Watch" sort of way, as a courageous firefighter dashing into a burning building to rescue a stranded puppy-but the job is just as important to the health and safety of Escondido's residents who rely on the city to ensure the houses they live in have up to code fire sprinklers and new developments are as  safe as they can be.

Meet fire marshal Al Dobynes
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