July 05, 2017
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Rorie Johnston

This is a short week, so I am giving you a short, but fascinating read! 

Last Friday, EDCO Disposal cut the ribbon and unveiled the new 70,000 square foot recycling plant as part of their commitment to achieving zero waste. 

The new plant at 1021 W Mission Ave, is designed to efficiently sort and bundle the recycled materials collected each week from curbside pick of the blue containers. 
  • 7 high-speed optic scan sort systems
  • 30 full-time team members assisting the mechanized sort
  • 100,000 pounds of commingled recycling processed per hour
  • 520,000,000,000 pounds of materiel potentially diverted from landfills
EDCO is also planning the construction of a large anaerobic 
Mayor Sam Abed, Deputy Mayor John Masson, Council Member Ed Gallo with founders Ed and Mrs. Burr and John Snyder, VP &CAO of EDCO. 
digester which will produce biogas from food waste. Biogas serves as a high-energy renewable  fuel that can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels. All of EDCO's  waste collection vehicles will use the biogas, thus completing the circle of efficiency and getting Escondido on the road to zero waste. 

Avoid waste going to the land fill and think twice before you toss that recyclable item...


Rorie Johnston
Meet our newest Committee Chairs 
Economic Development Chair

Matt Pound
General Manager
Escondido Materials

Affairs Chair

Tom Stamos
Broker Associate
eXp Realty

The Economic Development and Government Affairs committees are your direct link to city and government officials. Matt and Tom are dedicated to leading activities that strengthen our economy, influence our leaders and bring the chamber to the forefront of the activities that lay the foundation for our future. 
Join them at their first meetings for new year on July 11th and July 13th
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