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August 29, 2018
Networking Lunch

Firehouse Subs
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Tuesday, September 4th

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Escondido Chamber of Commerce
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Do you need a business license?

The future workforce is changing significantly with many people earning an income working from home. Which leads to the primary business question, "Do I need a business license?" 

Short answer: YES! 

If you are conducting or soliciting business in the city of Escondido, a business license is required. The number one reason you need a license is to be in compliance. It is better to pay a small fee than to pay a fine. Maintaining your business license can also help with securing a business loan. The lender will require proof of business and the city will only be able to report information to the lender based on business license history. 

What constitutes advertising and solicitation?

The use of any printed material, flyers, signs, pamplets, verbal broadcasting or any other means normally used to get the attention of the public is considered advertising and soliciting. If you intend to solicit only once during the year, then you can request a permit. However, a license may be more cost effective and does not have restrictions on the amount of advertising you may wish to do. 

If you have questions about obtaining a business license, the city will happily walk you through the process in person or over the phone. Call Code Enforcement/Business License Division at 760-839-4659, or stop by 201 N Broadway.  


Rorie Johnston
Legislature Must Act on Fires
Percentage of Funds Must Increase

This past year some of the worst wildfires in California history have killed 52 people, destroyed thousands of homes and scorched an area larger than greater Los Angeles.  Surviving the Cedar ( 273,246 acres/ 2,820 structures) , Witch ( 197,990 acres/ 1,650 structures), Cocos, Paradise and  Lilac fires in San Diego has taught us a lot.  Helping victims is our immediate priority, but we must develop policies that will prevent future mega-fires.
Utilities, insurance companies, attorneys are all actively involved in the Capitol. They all have proposals that, not surprisingly, pass the costs on to others -  You. The public needs to be heard as well.
Extra, Extra...Read All About It
Fall Edition of Escondido Magazine Arrives in October

With the new issue of the Escondido Magazine just around the corner, we want to remind all Members to check their information to make sure it is accurate in the Member Directory Listing!

Next, do you want to enhace the exposure of your business? If so, send Chris Cochran an email at the Chamber and he'd be more than happy to help you do just that.

Finally, got any great ideas for an article? We're always looking for interesting, engaging, and unique stories, so if you have one let us know and you'll soon be a published writer! 
Beware: Con Artists Target SDG&E Customers with New Trick

A new scam has emerged where con artists reach out to SDG&E customers via email and cell phone to threaten service shutoff if they don't make immediate payments using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

In this scam, the con artist calls the victim on the phone and then emails him an online payment method, which features SDG&E's logo and a QR code (akin to a bar code). When you scan the code with a QR code reader, it takes you to a specific web page to make payment with prepaid debit cards. T he customer is directed to buy Bitcoin with GreenDot prepaid debit cards, and then enter the card numbers on the payment web page.

        Chris Cochran, Marketing & Development Director

        Tina Inscoe, Membership Executive

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