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October 24 , 2018

Wake Up Escondido 
Networking Breakfast
J&M's Family Restaurant
Friday, October 26th
7:15am - 9:00am

Featuring Madeleine Gobidas from Go Be Rewarded marketing firm...come learn how your business can succeed!

A Soiree to Benefit
Solutions for Change
Ticket Info call 760.291.4015

Grand Ave Festival was a GRAND Success!

With the sun shining and the temperature a perfect 81 degrees, many people made their way to Grand Avenue to enjoy the festivities, shopping, entertainment, and cuisine. Those who came also noticed a completely different layout. One of the objectives of having a street fair is to showcase our downtown. Thus the decision was made to move all the event vendors to the middle of the street keeping our sidewalks and storefronts unobstructed. Downtown businesses were encouraged to participate in the event by being open and offering a special for the day.

And, boy  were  they glad!

Vinz, Plan 9 Alehouse, La Tapatia, and Rosie's Diner reported record sales for the day. Plan 9 Alehouse said they did more sales by 10:30 am then they did all day during the May event. Others reported having run out of menu items as they under-anticipated the increase in traffic they would experience. 

The Grand Avenue Festival is the largest outdoor event in Escondido. Many community partners are involved in ensuring a successful day, including the event sponsors, Pet Smart, and Newland Sierra. Countless volunteer hours are also needed to pull off this event. One volunteer, in particular, went above and beyond the call 
of duty booking the majority of the entertainment, organizing the flash mobs and handling event logistics. Hats off to John Schwab for his enthusiastic participation in the Grand Ave Festival!

Rorie Johnston
Affordable California?
The "Sunshine Tax" Keeps Adding Up

Are you upset about the high cost of living in California? Some call it the `Sunshine Tax,' the price we pay to live here. But that price has become unbearable and our families, seniors and students are struggling to
make ends meet.
Housing costs are a major factor. Depending on where you live, government fees and regulations can increase the cost of a new home by $50 to $150 thousand per unit, and permitting can take years, costing additional thousands. How can we even begin to discuss affordable housing without taking a serious look at costs imposed by government?
SD's Booming Manufacturing Sector...
...Is Brought To You By Water

While San Diego is perhaps most famous for its beaches and laid-back lifestyle, it's also home to more than 100,000 manufacturing jobs across more than 300 industries. In fact, San Diego County's manufacturing sector supports the region's economic prosperity by delivering products that put San Diego on the map.

And just about every one of the region's 4,000 manufacturing facilities relies on safe and reliable water supplies from the San Diego County Water Authority and its 24 member agencies.  That fundamental resource is critical in a region that only receives only about 10 inches of rain a year -  not even close to the amount of water it takes to sustain a $220 billion economy. Through its Brought to  You by Water program...click here to read more.
UCSD Conducts Gig Economy Survey
Online Participants Needed 

Do you drive for Lyft or Uber? Do you sell products on eBay or do independent contract
work? We're looking for anyone who does non-traditional work to participate in our study!

This study is a partnership between the UC San Diego Extension and the Centers of Excellence for Labor Market Research.

We want to evaluate non-traditional work in San Diego. Many have dubbed this work the gig economy, where people complete short-term work contracts rather than exclusively work in full-time jobs.
How big is the gig economy? What is it like to work in it? We want to know!

        Chris Cochran, Marketing & Development Director

        Tina Inscoe, Membership Executive

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