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APRIL 11, 2018
Manufacturing Day 2018


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We did it! 

Seven months ago, we kicked off our first Rising Star breakfast. Today, was our final breakfast of the school year. My feelings are mixed. I am happy to be celebrating the accomplishments of the entire community that helped pull this event together through organizing, contributions and scholarships. Yet, I feel a bit of sadness as this has become my favorite day of the month. I know I will miss the teachers, principals and administrators as well as meeting new students every month.

All of today's Rising Stars were exceptional and their stories are  remarkable. However, these life lessons ring true for everyone: 

The true strength of quiet confidence.
Kaila Greenberg, San Pasqual HS - 
Erik Arellano, Orange Glen HS - 
Sydney Kornelsen, Escondido Charter HS - Michelle Orozco, Del Lago Academy - 
Elba Morales, Escondido HS - 
Elian Gaona, Valley HS. 
Not pictured: Carl Seelhoff, 
Classical Academy

We have all met that person who commands attention. The moment they enter a room, all eyes are on them.
However, I have learned, that confidence can be a false persona wrought from insecurity. It is the person who does not seek the spot light that possesses true confidence. 
When you loose something of value, you gain so much more.

Just how valuable is your right leg? Priceless! Until you loose it and realize a new world of opportunity bringing life long riches beyond measure. One young man's amputated leg will change the lives of other amputees through his struggles and triumphs. 

The role model you wish you had is the one you become. 

None of us had the privilege of choosing our parents or the circumstances we were born into. Sometimes this leaves a void in our heart that can only be filled by seeking out surrogates and becoming a parental figure to others. From unfilled desires and deep hurt comes empathy and compassion. 

Our youth can teach us many valuable lessons when we take the time to listen and learn about life from their perspective. I expect we will see these young men and women again as they begin a new life as college students, influencing their generation. 

October will be here before we know it and we will be ready for our second year of Rising Stars. If you wish to join us, let me know. 


Rorie Johnston
Learn what new tree-ring studies reveal about drought patterns in Southern California. 

Learn what new tree-ring studies in Southern California watersheds reveal about drought, hear about efforts to improve subseasonal to seasonal weather forecasting and get the latest on climate change impacts that will alter drought vulnerability in the future.

The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy (SDRVC) board of directors announces three new members: Jim Smith of Del Mar, Joe Bonner of Solana Beach and Alex Kilian of Carmel Valley.

Board President Brad Bartlett told the Times-Advocate, "We are thrilled to be joined by three outstanding new members to our Board. Each brings passion and valuable expertise to further the Conservancy's mission to preserve and protect the watershed.  We enthusiastically welcome them.
The Escondido Union High School District (EUHSD) honored the 2018 Classified Employees of the Year, 
Mary Garcia.

The district described the honoree: Mary Garcia as "a person with integrity, responsibility and discipline. She demonstrates commitment and excellence at Escondido High School. Her work is exemplary, of highest quality, and she manages multiple responsibilities.