720 N Broadway
Escondido, CA 92025

July 3 , 2019
In honor of Independence Day

Have a safe and 
joyous holiday!

July Education Committee Meeting

Escondido Chamber of Commerce
720 N. Broadway
Escondido, CA  92025

Monday, July 8th
12:00pm - 1:00pm
July Economic
 Committee Meeting
w/ Ann Van Leer from the Escondido Creek Conservancy

Escondido Chamber of Commerce
720 N. Broadway
Escondido, CA  92025

Thursday, July 11th
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Ribbon Cutting @
Shakey's Pizza

Shakey's Pizza Parlor
335 N. Escondido Blvd.
Escondido, CA  92025

Monday, July 22nd
10:00am - 10:30am
Center Stage Productions
August 2-4 & 8-10

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EDD State Labor Law & Payroll Tax Seminar
Wednesday, August 7th

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Taco Sundays @ Eagle Crest Golf Club
Every Sunday!

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As I enter my first of what I anticipate to be many summers here at the Chamber I wanted to pause and share with you a most recent experience. I'm slowly finding my way around, first internally and soon (baby steps) externally throughout Escondido. Don't get me wrong ever since I first moved to San Diego I've experienced Escondido, but never like this. I've been given the opportunity to represent the Chamber to some of the City's finest from the Escondido Fire and Police Department to City Hall. There's more but it's a start.
I've been impressed with the values I've witnessed so far. Integrity, honor, truthfulness are all part of one's character. And so is keeping your word. Committing to do something with your word means it's going to happen; at least that's my interpretation. It's not always easy to do. It goes to one's character. You know character --- it's that thing that drives you to do the right thing even though no one is watching.
Let me give you an example. Just this week I was fortunate to have lunch with our Mayor. Let me just say that I've had the chance to meet several people with the City and to the person I am very impressed. These are smart people who care about Escondido. So as I'm breaking noon-time bread with Paul (as he insists on being called), his super smart Economic Development Manager, Michelle Geller and our Board Chair, Matt Pound we were discussing many things and of course the Chamber and our role in working with City Hall on behalf of our members. We discussed membership and it was then that Paul mentioned that he hadn't renewed his Chamber membership and was going to, in fact he gave his word that he was going to that same afternoon. Hey we're all busy but, if you think we're busy just think what the Mayor's schedule looks like. That being said and busy as I am I was very impressed when shortly after 3pm that same day in came our Mayor and true to his word he personally renewed his Chamber membership. That's keeping your word.
In a world that seems to sensationalize the negative it is refreshing to note that to some keeping their word is still honored.
So as we honor the 242nd birthday of this great Country this Fourth of July, I'm choosing to renew my commitment to keeping my word and look for the positive in people. This country was built by people of character and integrity, they weren't always right but they never stopped trying. I'm choosing to follow their lead. I may stumble but I'll always get back up and try again. 
I'm personally extending an invitation for you to join us.
Have a safe and joyous Fourth of July.
Happy Birthday United States of America!


James Rowten (JR)
        Chris Cochran, Marketing & Development Director

        Tina Inscoe, Membership Executive

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