720 N Broadway
Escondido, CA 92025

August 21 , 2019
Ribbon Cutting @

Magic Brow
1016 E. El Norte Parkway
Escondido, CA  92026

Thursday, August 22nd
3:00pm - 3:30pm
Next To Normal @ Star Repertory Theater
This Friday, Saturday,
and Sunday

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District 1 Meeting: Meet The Deputy Mayor
This Saturday
August 24th

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Drone Photography
August Special

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SDG&E Wildfire 
Safety Fairs
August & September 2019

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Escondido College & Career Fair 2019 
Thursday, September 26th

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Ok, I'm getting some really interesting feedback to this weekly newsletter. When you write a regular post like this you are never completely sure if anyone is interested in what you're writing. I now know as some of you have been kind enough to let me know you do read this and the majority who've given
me feedback have shown a real affinity to what I'm writing. Note I didn't say all of you. However, I do reply to all responses I receive.

First, let me say that I'm very appreciative for any feedback. From the responses received I'm buoyed
that yes,in fact my weekly missive's are creating some reactions or at the very least a following. Not all the feedback has been completely supportive of what it is I'm trying to convey.

My intent is to give a very personal view of my experience as the "new guy" here in Escondido serving in
my role as lead cook and bottle washer here at the Chamber. This weekly post is strictly my view and written that way, in other words it's an editorial. I'll admit I have some long standing well deserved bias towards things; babies, dogs and cats, warm sunsets and people are to name just a few. I'm not a very good poker player, just too easy to read. I come into this role with the same commitment I've always applied to my work and that is look to the positive and accentuate it, recognize what needs to change and be the conduit for positive growth. This means both personal and professional growth. If I can listen more, speak less and look for the positive and not just the negative I've found I'm a happier, more productive person and this is shared in both my personal and professional life. It's not easy but, it's the one thing I do control in my life; my attitude. I've always strived to be fair, honest and open to new views or contrasting opinions. I'm also learning to trust my gut.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to put this out here this week. It is intended to be my guide going forward as I write this weekly post.

This Chamber has been and is a vehicle for positive change in Escondido. You can help. Get involved.
James Rowten (JR)
        Chris Cochran, Marketing & Development Director

        Tina Inscoe, Membership Executive

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