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ESC is always striving to provide the best service possible to its clients and partners. Our product team is constantly looking at ways to improve the service with new features and functionality.

This month we have enabled and made available to all RegTech customers  US Corporate Search and UCC Search & Registration Services  within the RegTech portal.
ESC's US Corporate Search Services
ESC offers a one-stop US corporate search of all 50 states to conduct corporate due diligence on registered businesses. Pre-Search results are presented to the user in real time and allow the user to proceed with ordering the full corporate report from the Secretary of State Office.
  • Real-time fulfillment of corporate profile reports in pdf available on portal. Both pdf reports and parsed data available through our API micro-service option.
  • Ensures accuracy of corporate entity data such as the legal name/status to adhere to your KYC Compliance Policy.
ESC's UCC Search & Registration Services
Conduct UCC Search & Registrations (Uniform Commercial Code) directly the Regtech portal.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry by storing common debtor, secured party, and collateral information in one convenient location.
  • Review and edit all your UCC filings on the actual UCC forms after they have been created and store images of your UCC forms and attachments indefinitely.
  • File electronically in more jurisdictions than any other service provider offers, using one simple UCC filing system to file in all states.
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