June 14 2019
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June 13 2019
Environmental, social and governance investment funds are on the rise, and with them the importance of these funds in securities lending. Using newly collected data, we document the securities lending returns of ESG funds and how they are similar or dissimilar from non-ESG funds in the lending market.

June 12 2019
Supply and demand are fair play, but securities lending rates as high as 650% 700% for Beyond Meat (BYND) securities are a trade that only a fool - or a trader hoping for a very quick, one day stock move - could love. The pricing of this security in the lending market is a case study for a discussion we are tracking in the industry.

June 11 2019
Most people would agree that the Federal Reserve has become a leading proponent of supporting asset prices. While there is a precedent for this behavior, the Powell Put may not be in economy's best interest.
June 10 2019
How much will uncleared margin rules help smaller firms, or is this regulation for regulation's sake?

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September 24 2019

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November 4 2019

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