Spring Edition   | 2019
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I am excited to announce the launch of our new quarterly newsletter, Thoughtnomics. The name aptly describes ESI ThoughtLab's mission: to deliver high-impact thought leadership through applied economics and advanced analytics.

According to a recent survey conducted by Edelman and LinkedIn, only 18% of executives give high marks to the thought leadership they receive. For them, much of today's thought leadership lacks the vision, analytical insight, and valuable advice that busy executives desire.  During my years as a publisher with Business International, the Economist Intelligence Unit, and Oxford Economics, time and again I found that executives place the most value on data and analysis that help them make smart decisions: the kind of actionable insights that enable them to grow their business, improve their performance, and plan their future. These executives seek more than business journalism; they want thought leadership that provides evidence-based decision support.

The secret sauce behind such high-powered thought leadership is applied economics. By drawing on tools such as cost-benefit analysis, ROI modeling, and scenario forecasting, we help our B2B clients turn me-too thought leadership into valuable decision support. We also use economics to deliver content in more compelling and relevant formats, such as benchmarking tools, indexes, business scorecards, performance databases, and infographics.

The goal of this newsletter is to demonstrate how to increase the value of your thought leadership by applying innovative economic analysis. This first issue shows how we used economics to gauge the market opportunities for autonomous vehicles, create a quarterly index for monitoring the jobs of the future, analyze the ROI on smart cities, and assess the impact of AI on business performance. Through this newsletter, we plan to inform you of our evidence-based research initiatives, share thought leadership ideas from our clients, and examine top-of-mind issues for business and government leaders.

We hope you will find this newsletter useful and that it will provide a forum for exchanging ideas for improving the ROI on thought leadership.

Lou Celi, CEO
Cutting-edge insights through economics
Is the world ready for autonomous vehicles?
Over the last two years, ESI ThoughtLab has worked with KPMG to create and update the Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index. This innovative index measures the readiness of 25 key markets for autonomous vehicles (AV). The model analyzes four pillars of readiness: 
policy and legislation, technology and innovation, infrastructure, and consumer acceptance. The 2019 index adds five new countries, new measures, and provides greater insights.

Click  here to learn more.

Boosting performance through AI

We conducted a study for Protiviti into how firms are using advanced AI to drive performance. While still early days, many firms are making major investments to fast track AI solutions. They aim  to unlock value across their enterprises, not just through cost savings, but also by improving decision making, speeding time to market, increasing customer retention, and building employee engagement.

The full report is available for download here.

Our economists conducted in-depth surveys of government leaders in 136 cities globally to understand their smart city perspectives, practices, and performance results. We also created a benchmarking tool to allow city leaders to compare their investments and outcomes across 10 pillars of smart city excellence.

The results of our study can be found  here.
Tracking 50 jobs of the future

Cognizant and ESI ThoughtLab created the Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index to measure the change in demand for 50 digitally-enabled jobs of the future and to show how this demand compares with the overall jobs picture in the US. The updated quarterly index delivers the research results through an interactive data visualization tool with concise, timely commentary.
Click here to learn more.
Our upcoming research agenda

Building a Hyperconnected City -- join our advisory group  

We have teamed up with Deloitte, Oracle, Stantec, Nokia, NTT Data, Cognizant, Eaton Lighting, Visa, and Pennoni to launch Building a Hyperconnected City, the follow-up study to Smarter Cities 2025. It will provide urban and business leaders with a definitive playbook for creating digitally-enabled and interlinked urban ecosystems. The program will include a smart city database, benchmarking tool, index, and eBook. We will launch the study in May and present the results in November at the Barcelona Smart City Expo.

Want to join our research initiatives? Please contact  Barry Rutizer or Lou Celi to learn more about the program and how you can participate.

Cracking the code on the ROI of cybersecurity

We are conducting this initiative with the Wall Street Journal to build on last year's study,
The Cybersecurity Imperative. To delve deeper into the economics of cybersecurity, we plan to
 benchmark 1,200 Chief Information Security Officers to analyze their investments in people,  process, and technology ,  as well as the performance impacts. 

We plan to provide companies  with  an evidence-based  approach  for  maximizing the   ROI  on their cybersecurity investments .  The out put  will include a cybersecurity database ,  benchmarking  tool, and eBook.   

To learn more about this upcoming project, please contact  Barry Rutizer  or   Lou Celi.

Driving ROI Through AI

Forward-looking firms are using AI to transform their businesses-- from customer engagement and R&D to cybersecurity and back-office operations. For the m,  AI is more than a technology, it is a new way of doing business, managing risks, and driving top -  and bottom-line growth. Yet AI is evolving so quickly that executives are uncertain of how to get the best returns.  ESI  ThoughtLab   is teaming up with the Wall Street Journal to analyze  the cost-benefits  of AI across a variety of value vectors  and the proven strategies for  turn ing  AI into ROI.  

Want to participate? Please contact Barry Rutizer  or  Lou Celi to learn more about this pioneering multi-sponsor study.
Thoughts on thought leadership
Edelman and LinkedIn conducted a recent  study to understand the impact of B2B thought leadership on demand generation and business results. Among its key takeaways is that done right, thought leadership has tangible positive impacts.  Done poorly, it creates risk. 

Only 18% of executives rated thought leadership that they read to be excellent or very good. Sixty percent said they had stopped following an organization after reading their thought leadership; 46% said thought leadership had decreased their respect for an organization; and 29% said they had opted not to award business to an organization because of their thought leadership.

Most importantly, the study suggests that executives want credible, valuable, and actionable insights; content that presents a vision, is relevant, and can build trust; and formats that are concise and easy to digest.

Click here to see the 2019 Edelman-Linkedin B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study.
Recent think pieces from the Lab
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By Gina Lavery, Jing Liu, and 
Elizabeth Desmond

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The Smart City Challenge in Latin America

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Spreading the word
ESI ThoughtLab Chief Economist Daniel Miles recently presented findings from our Smarter Cities 2025 study at Oracle Open World Singapore. Dr. Miles was also part of a panel that included Susan O'Connor and was moderated by Bill Detwiler, Editor-in-Chief of Tech Republic.
On April 2, 2019 Protiviti presented " The Roadmap for AI" at the WSJ Pro Artificial Intelligence Executive Forum in New York City, sharing conclusions from our Competing in the Cognitive Age report.
Lou Celi presented findings of The Cybersecurity Imperative during a recent webinar which included the Security Industry Association, WSJ Pro Cybersecurity, and WiCys.  In this program, ESI ThoughtLab's benchmarking tool was on display.
Pennoni highlighted smart city innovations in their winter issue of Perspective and leveraged much of ESI ThoughtLab's research from our Smarter Cities 2025 program.
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