Eastern Sierra Land Trust   ◊   October 2017 E-Newsletter

Eastern Sierra Land Trust
I wonder if you are experiencing some of what I have been feeling lately. Doesn't it feel as though the world is noisier and louder? There seems to be so much shouting these days.
Then I walk into the solitude of nature, and I start to feel better. I feel calmer as I listen to the sweet sounds around me. Slowly a sense of peace settles in, and I start to hear my thoughts again.
Studies show that there is an association between noise and heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stress - not to mention hearing loss. The younger and older among us are most impacted. And recent research also tells us that noise pollution can affect children's learning outcomes and cognitive performance.
Are the sounds of your busy life weighing you down?
This is one of the reasons why protecting natural, secluded spaces is so important. We need to have places where you can go to sit in quiet and listen to the chatter of the birds, the whisper of the wind in the aspens, or the rustling of a squirrel in the fallen leaves as he gathers nuts for winter. These sounds can soothe us.
During this time of changing seasons, here in the Eastern Sierra we are surrounded by a splendor of color. And the soft sounds of fall are spectacular, too. I hope that you can find a place in nature to escape and listen to the quiet.
With gratitude,
Kay Ogden,  Executive Director

Through your support, Sinnamon Meadows was protected forever in 2014. Today, it's a peaceful, golden wonderland. Thank you for conserving such a special place.

Giving Rare Wildlife a Fighting Chance
Improving local wildlife habitat is rewarding work, and you're making it possible

Not far from Bridgeport Valley lies western Nevada's Sweetwater Range, a beautiful and secluded area that provides an excellent home for rare species like the Greater sage-grouse and pygmy rabbit. Unfortunately, invasive conifers - such as juniper and pinyon pine - are beginning to gain a foothold.
Many might assume these trees would offer shelter to wildlife. But danger hides in those branches!
With your support, we're able to take action to make sure that sage-grouse, pygmy rabbits, and other iconic wildlife can continue to thrive here in the Eastern Sierra.

Finding My Place
Indigo Johnson looks back on her 11-month AmeriCorps service term with ESLT
"Working with ESLT has taught me the importance of creating lasting impacts, and it has also had a lasting impact on me.  Although it snuck up on me, I truly feel that my SNAP service term allowed me to grow - both professionally and personally.
"At the start of my term, I never thought it possible that my experience here would re-ignite my passion for education... But here I am, making plans to get a teaching credential."

Rally-ing With Our Conservation Partners
We're off to Denver this week to learn from land trust leaders working all over the country
Every year, the Land Trust Alliance hosts Rally: the National Land Conservation Conference. This year, Rally takes place in Denver, and we're thrilled to have the chance to attend.
We'll be taking part in seminars and workshops that are led by some of the nation's foremost experts on conservation. This will be a great opportunity to gain inspiration from others' successes, share our own insights, and learn more about how we can continue to protect the Eastern Sierra for future generations.
Photo Contest: Take Your Best Shot! 
We want to see your favorite photos that capture the splendor of the changing seasons
The Eastern Sierra is a spectacular place for photography, every day of the year. But right now, as autumn's golden glow gives way to winter's soft white, the landscape around us is like something straight out of a storybook.
Do you enjoy using your camera to capture the magic of the Eastern Sierra's changing seasons? Then share your photos with us between now and November 20th by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, or emailing us at info@eslt.org.
Take your best shot, and stay tuned: the winning photo will be featured in our next e-newsletter!
Eastern Sierra Land Trust works with willing landowners to protect vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historic, and watershed values.

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