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Gooey. Sticky. Chocolatey... and oh so good! Do you remember the last time you had a s'more? I had one just last week, and the taste of that toasted marshmallow resurfaced memories of doing the same thing years ago on family camping trips.
This time it was with folks who had gathered to celebrate and share news about land protection efforts throughout California. And there was plenty of great news. Because of people like you who care about local conservation, open spaces are being protected, and more special places where we can experience the wonder of nature are being created.
Just this morning, I saw a little girl with an older gentleman checking out something in our native plant garden. When I asked, he gently explained that they were on a hunt for treasures. Then the girl showed me a bug, three plants that were different shades of green, and a rock that she wanted to take home.
Does their simple adventure remind you of times that you have shared in nature with loved ones? We'd love to hear your stories! And we'd love to have you create new memories at our upcoming outings and events.
Happy spring from all of us, and hopefully we can all find time to explore the many shades of green that this time of year brings!

With deep gratitude,
Kay Ogden,  Executive Director
Saturday, April 6 from 10AM - 12PM, followed by a potluck.  
White Mountain Research Center (map
Looking to bring life to your garden this season? Come to our free Pollinator Workshop and hear from local experts about the benefits of creating a pollinator-friendly garden. Please RSVP by contacting Marie at marie@eslt.org or (760) 873-4554.
Black Lake Stewardship Days 
Thursday, April 18 and Friday, May 17.  
Black Lake Preserve 
The remote Black Lake Preserve has a rich geologic, agricultural, and ecological history, and is a critical bird habitat. We will work on stewardship projects to improve wildlife habitat at the preserve. To volunteer, contact marie@eslt.org or (760) 873-4554. 
Pollinator Party 
Friday, April 24 from 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.  
Eastern Sierra Land Trust, Bishop, CA (map
Join us for a lively gathering to celebrate pollinators and the gardeners who help them thrive! We'll enjoy snacks and drinks while mingling with friends and sharing gardening stories, tips, tricks, and ideas. RSVP to marie@eslt.org or (760) 873-4554.
Saturday, May 4 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.  
Eastern Sierra Land Trust backyard, Bishop, CA (map
Come celebrate spring with us! At our family-friendly GardenFest you can purchase native plants, learn gardening tips and tricks, and enjoy our local food, kids' activities, and more. You can also learn more about our Eastside Pollinator Garden Project! No RSVP required. 

Black Lake Birding Tour  
Saturday, May 11.
Black Lake Preserve 
To celebrate Wold Migratory Bird Day, we are partnering with the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society to host a birding tour of the beautiful Black Lake Preserve. We will spend a morning alongside birding experts. All experience levels are welcome - kids included! RSVP to marie@eslt.org or (760) 873-4554.

Bring Your Garden To Life!
© Joan Clayburgh
Our Pollinator Garden Workshop & Potluck can help your garden become a blooming haven for Eastside pollinators. 
As gardening season begins and wildflowers start to appear, you may also spot the fluttering pollinators that make the beauty of spring in the Eastern Sierra possible. We feel their impact in home-cooked meals, flowering backyards, and colorful hillsides. You may be surprised to hear that our pollinators are at risk due to the impact of disease, pesticides, and habitat loss.
Good news: you can help! Join us for our Pollinator Garden Workshop, or join us at the potluck afterwards, and we can help you nurture your new or existing pollinator-friendly yard.
Discover Incredible Migratory Birds this Spring!                                            
Spot shorebirds as they migrate through the Owens Valley each spring.
Our partners at the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society can help you spot birds at our spring meetup at Black Lake Preserve on May 11th.
As the days get warmer and longer, we are starting to see lots of migrating birds passing through California. Here in the Eastern Sierra, our diverse range of habitat makes birding a particularly exciting and rewarding activity. From the valley floor to the high mountains, visitors can enjoy dramatic scenery and many different bird species.
ESLT's very own Black Lake Preserve is an excellent spot for birding. So make sure to save the date for our Black Lake Birding Tour hosted by us and the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society in celebration of 2019 World Migratory Bird Day! We will spend the morning birding alongside the Audubon Society's experts. Click on the link below for more about Black Lake Preserve and for a list of bird species to see there.
Finding Strength in Nature
Sara Kokkelenberg
Stewardship Coordinator Sara Kokkelenberg reflects on the impact of education in the outdoors. 
I am sure that my time spent outside the classroom played a role in my interest in and enjoyment of conservation. I am also confident that ESLT's involvement with youth plays a similar role in fostering the next generation's interest in the natural world.
ESLT will be working with many different student groups on stewardship projects this year, as we have in past years. The counselors of these groups have told me that on these project days, students open up and develop into themselves in ways they never had in the classroom or at home . 
WINNER of our winter photo contest!
Thank you for sharing your images of this snowy season.
We received incredible photographs from you earlier this month during our winter photography contest. Thank you for sharing! The following winning photograph of our beloved mule deer was taken by David Carle at the shore of Mono Lake. We received many dramatic images - click the link below to see the runners-up!
Eastern Sierra Land Trust works with willing landowners to protect vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historic, and watershed values.

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