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Eastern Sierra Land Trust
Right this moment, my garden is going crazy. And I'm not sure how I am keeping up with it.
I have bushels and bushels of delicious peaches, both white and yellow versions, waiting to be transformed into jam, chutney, and pie filling. I've frozen tray after tray of pesto. I've made batch after batch of zucchini relish. Last spring when I planted my tomatoes, I thought how lovely it would be to have lots of different sizes, shapes, and colors. Well, I have lots and lots and lots. I'm dehydrating them, I'm freezing them, I'm roasting them, I'm making salsas and sauces... And now my pears are coming in, and the apples are right behind.
But then again, there's nothing like opening that quart of roasted tomatoes or sharing that jar of peach jam, and smelling the sweet aroma of summer, when snow is falling outside my kitchen window. It reminds me that all this work is always worth the effort.
It struck me today that this is similar to much of the work that Eastern Sierra Land Trust does. There's a lot of preparation that gets done behind-the-scenes - work that helps our conservation projects grow and thrive.

Then, every so often, we get to share the bounty: a special place, protected for generations to come.
Stay tuned: we're hoping to share some news with you in the coming months - news that wouldn't be possible without your support, plus a lot of diligent work planting a seed and helping it grow.
I hope your garden is thriving too, and that your harvest is abundant!
Happy summer,
Kay Ogden,  Executive Director
Celebrating These Lands, Your Legacy
Thanks to you, our recent Lands & Legacy Celebration was our most successful event ever

At our 9th annual Lands & Legacy on August 11 - 13, our conservation community came together to celebrate the lands that are protected forever thanks to you. What a magical weekend we had: full of laughter, inspiration, tears, and visions of the beautiful future that we can create, here in the Eastern Sierra.
And right before our eyes, these visions are now becoming a reality.

Let's Team Up to Clean Up
The Great Sierra River Cleanup takes place on September 16, and we need your help
Throughout our region, trash pollutes our rivers and streams, creating hazards for birds, fish, and other wildlife.
In honor of the statewide Great Sierra River Cleanup on September 16, we're teaming up with other local organizations to change this. And you can help.
Come together with families, neighbors, and friends to accomplish something vital and worthy on behalf of our great Sierra rivers: volunteer with us for the Great Sierra River Cleanup!

The Farm Bill: Why It Matters to Us All
Proposed budget cuts put the Farm Bill in danger - which means local conservation is, too
The Farm Bill is critical to conservation efforts in our area. It provides the funding we need to work with local ranchers to protect their land - for wildlife, and for future generations.
With major budget cuts proposed to USDA, we stand to lose this important resource. And that means local conservation will lose out, too.
The national Land Trust Alliance highlighted this issue in the latest issue of their quarterly magazine, Saving Land. In it, they included  a special feature about the Farm Bill-funded conservation work you make possible, right here in the Eastern Sierra.

"Art Makes the World a Better Place."
Artist Cecily Foote is donating her time and talents to inspire local kids to care about nature
During our Sunflower Garden Project, local third-graders visit the ESLT garden to play games and do hands-on activities that teach them about blooms, pollinators, the growth cycle of plants, and more.
This year, all these kids got to take that excitement home with them, on paper, in their very own Sunflower Garden Project Journals. These journals are filled with lovely illustrations for boys and girls to color and learn from - all thanks to artist Cecily Foote, who generously donated her artwork to make these journals come to life.


Volunteer Day: Great Sierra River Cleanup
Saturday, September 16 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Meet at the ESLT office to carpool ( map )
All across the state, volunteers like you will team up to clean up our rivers and streams in honor of the annual Great Sierra River Cleanup. Here in the Eastern Sierra, join us as we clean up three separate sections of the Owens River. For details and to sign up, Click Here >>

Volunteer Appreciation Party
Wednesday, September 20 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm
ESLT office  ( map )
On September 20, we're saying thank you to all the hardworking volunteers who have joined us this past year to help conserve the lands and waters you love. Want to join in the fun, but haven't volunteered recently? Consider lending a hand for the Great Sierra River Cleanup (above)!
Volunteer Day: Sage-Grouse Workday at Sweetwater Flat
Saturday, September 23 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sweetwater Flat ( map )
Come together with volunteers and staff from the Humboldt-Toyiabe National Forest - Bridgeport Ranger District to help maintain a safe home for sage-grouse near Sweetwater Summit. To learn more and sign up, contact Monique Nelson, USFS: moniquelnelson@fs.fed.us.

Eastern Sierra Land Trust works with willing landowners to protect vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historic, and watershed values.

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