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Late July clouds © Kay Ogden

The monsoons rolled through last week, bringing incredible cloudy skies and the sweet, earthy smell of rain.

Scientists think they've identified the exact mechanism that releases that fresh rain smell into the environment. And it has a name: petrichor, from the Greek words "petra," which means "stone," and "icor," which refers to the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of gods.

The smell of petrichor is as glorious as the name implies. And it seemed like everywhere I went, folks were talking about it and how it made them feel more connected to nature. That smell is earthy and vibrant like an Eastern Sierra summer.

This month is a vibrant one here at Eastern Sierra Land Trust. We have events coming up here that are full of colors - you can come enjoy a sunset concert in my own garden or you can bring your little loved ones to Crayons & Paint! We even have a new Little Free Library outside our office that's been vividly painted by our Land Conservation Program Director Sus Danner. And we have opportunities to volunteer with our Stewardship team, so you can get outside in this landscape that's still beautifully green and filled with late-blooming wildflowers.

Maybe you're watching the dark clouds roll through or maybe you're rushing out to meet them, catching raindrops as they fall. Either way, I hope you're finding the time to connect with the vibrancy of nature this summer.

Kay Ogden,  Executive Director

P.S. I hope I'll see you at our biggest event of the year - Lands & Legacy! You can purchase tickets and read about everything we're planning for you at this link.
Saturday,  August 10, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Karen's Preserve
Bring your little loved ones ages 5-12 for this free morning of creative fun! There will be educational games, unique art projects, a live-painting demo, and a bring-your-own picnic lunch.  RSVPs are required to  marie@eslt.org or (760) 873-4554.
Friday, August 16, 5 p.m. - dusk
Round Valley, CA
Enjoy Chris Webster's elegant voice and Nina Gerber's exquisite guitar! This intimate musical experience will be hosted in our Executive Director Kay Ogden's own garden. Tickets are $35. Reserve yours here.
Friday, August 30 through Sunday, September 1 
Join us on Friday of Labor Day weekend for dinner hosted by Mammoth Mountain at their spectacular Parallax Restaurant.  Then stay for an inspiring weekend of field trips on land you've saved.  We have many updates to share on our Facebook event and our website! Or click here to purchase tickets today.
Friday, September 6 and Saturday, September 7, 9 a.m.  
Come help us and the Bureau of Land Management as we team up to care for land where our Bi-State sage-grouse live, for two back-to-back Stewardship Days. To volunteer or for more information, contact marie@eslt.org or 760-873-4554.  
Saturday, September 21, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.  
Join ESLT's local Stewardship Day in connection with this great statewide volunteer event. Come help us restore the health of our Sierra Nevada waterways! To volunteer or for more information, contact marie@eslt.org or 760-873-4554.  
Pronghorn: Superstar of the American West                             
© Tom Koerner, USFWS
These special creatures are emblematic of this wide open part of the world .
You're driving east from Bridgeport through the winding Aurora Canyon Road, through high desert gullies and over hills with vast scenic vistas. Suddenly, the muted green hillsides tingle with small movements. Pronghorn!

This isn't a common occurrence but it can happen here in the Eastern Sierra. Learn about pronghorn here and learn where you can see them for yourself! 
Kids, Get Out Your Crayons & Paint!                             
© Amy Leist
Everyone with little loved ones is invited for a free morning of creativity in nature on August 10th.
Kids and their grownups will team up to play games that teach about local wildlife, animal tracks, and native plants. At an open art station, everyone can get creative as they make special clay leaf prints. Local artist Lynn Marit Peterson will be live painting. And much more!
Small But Mighty: Our New Little Free Library!                             
© Julie Fontaine
There's a powerful institution now perched outside our office at 250 N Fowler Street in Bishop .
We've installed an exciting free community resource for you and all our neighbors to enjoy. Reading changes lives, and our Little Free Library is already lighting up the neighborhood with the power of sharing books! Come take a book or share a book, anytime. Peek into what's inside right now, and the fun stories this little structure has already created.
Welcome to a New ESLT Team Member!
Andrew Ehlert, our new Land Stewardship Associate
Everyone is excited to welcome Andrew Ehlert to our team as he fills a new position at Eastern Sierra Land Trust - Land Stewardship Associate! As we successfully protect more critical land for wildlife and for future generations, our Stewardship team also grows. Andrew will work alongside Land Stewardship Manager Sara Kokkelenberg to check in on and care for our properties.

We recently sat down with Andrew to ask some standard get-to-know-you questions, for which he had witty and inspired responses up his sleeve. Along with great reading recommendations!


Tickets are going quickly for our 11th Annual Lands & Legacy Celebration! We'll enjoy an exquisite dinner hosted by Mammoth Mountain at their Parallax Restaurant, then we'll stay for an inspiring Labor Day weekend as we explore land you've protected forever. You can visit our website today for the latest updates about our dinner menu, land tour options, lively paddle raise, and other details about the weekend to come.


Eastern Sierra Land Trust works with willing landowners to protect vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historic, and watershed values.

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