Eastern Sierra Land Trust   ◊   November 2017 E-Newsletter

Eastern Sierra Land Trust
Here in the Eastern Sierra, the leaves have turned and are carpeting the ground as they fall - leaves of many shades and shapes landing together. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, this seems a perfect metaphor. Folks from all corners of the world are coming together this week to share in the gifts of family, friendship, and good times.
My Dad taught me and my sister the value of nature. Who inspired you to care about our lands and waters?
This Thanksgiving, I hope you'll share in the gift of land, too.
When I was a little girl, my Dad taught me that land can help your spirit soar. It can give peace, hope, and joy. Land brings people together - people like you and me. Yes, land is a gift.
Today I work to save land, and I credit my father for helping me find this path.
Next week is Giving Tuesday: the annual day for giving back to the causes and charities that make a difference in your life. This Giving Tuesday, we're Giving Thanks - and we hope you will, too. I'll be making a donation in memory of my Dad, who helped shape me into the conservationist I am today.
Who is it that inspires you to care? If there's a certain someone, I encourage you to share your appreciation for them on Giving Tuesday by giving in their honor or memory. It's a beautiful way to say Thank You.
And in the meantime, thank YOU! If I could, I'd donate in honor of each and every one of you. You make local conservation possible, and all of us at Eastern Sierra Land Trust are deeply grateful your support.
May your Thanksgiving be filled with thanks of all kinds...
Kay Ogden,  Executive Director
Welcome to the Eastern Sierra, Ryan
Introducing Ryan Delaney, our 2017/2018 Education Coordinator & AmeriCorps Member
All of us at Eastern Sierra Land Trust are excited to welcome Ryan Delaney to our team. For the next 11 months, Ryan will be serving our community as ESLT's next Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership member - helping to educate kids and adults alike about the magic of the natural world and the importance of conservation.
Just a few years ago, Ryan was living in Montana; so what brought him to the Eastern Sierra? Click below to learn about Ryan, and why his new role at ESLT sounds like a perfect fit.

Giving Thanks to Those Who Inspire
This Giving Tuesday, we want to recognize the relatives, friends, and teachers who inspire you

Next week is Giving Tuesday - the National Day of Charitable Giving. And we want to devote this Giving Tuesday to thanking the people in your life who have helped you learn the importance of conservation.
Your donation to Eastern Sierra Land Trust will help conserve the lands, water, and wildlife you treasure. And by sending it with a dedication on Giving Tuesday, you give thanks to the person whose love of the natural world helped shape who you are today.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
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In this latest issue of our bi-annual printed newsletter, you'll find engaging stories, beautiful photos, and updates on conservation work that's happening right now in the Eastern Sierra - all thanks to supporters like you.
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Taking that Winning Shot
© Len Hunter
Our thanks to all the local photographers who submitted their favorite fall images this month
In last month's e-news we announced our Fall Photo Contest, and over the course of the past several weeks we've received many beautiful images - all taken by supporters like you.
Photos like these capture that feeling you get from being in the Eastern Sierra when the leaves start to turn.  We're delighted to have the chance to share this magical time of year with you.
© Amy Leist
Our thanks go to our winning photographers - Len Hunter and Amy Leist - and to all of you who participated in our contest. We love seeing what you are able to capture on camera!
And if you take photos this winter, please share them with us. It's a delight to see the Eastern Sierra through your lens.

Eastern Sierra Land Trust works with willing landowners to protect vital lands in the Eastern Sierra region for their scenic, agricultural, natural, recreational, historic, and watershed values.

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